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Akita have been providing IT support services to McKenzies Oxted offices since 2010, when they were recommended to us by a mutual client. McKenzies were attracted to the proactive nature of our business and the size of our support team.

McKenzies, based in Surrey, is a well-established firm recognised as specialists in its chosen areas of accountancy. With a caring, professional and dedicated team, McKenzies are committed to providing the best possible service to their commercial and private clients.

As a thriving and forward-looking company, they are particularly keen to enhance their systems where legitimate and cost-effective improvements can be identified.

Operating multiple servers which were approaching end-of-life, in 2011 the servers were virtualized to provide McKenzies with their own cloud computing infrastructure. This gave a number of key benefits, not least was the improved disaster recovery safeguards and the more reliable infrastructure.

In 2012, due to their complete satisfaction with the virtualization outcomes and the ongoing IT support provided, Akita moved all users over to VDIs (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). VDIs gives them the benefit to work from any location (on or off-site) whilst always having access to their own personal desktop. In addition, this process also prolongs the life of their existing workstations reducing the long-term cost of desktop replacements.

Cloud computing is an increasingly-accepted form of corporate computing and there is far more acceptance of its role amongst previously sceptical IT managers. Not only the improvements in broadband speeds, but also the security enhancements, have made cloud computing a key components of future IT system planning.

Of course, there are different scales of cloud adoption – for many companies it may be limited to offsite backup to or a small number of hosted email mailboxes. Others are more willing to adopt a complete cloud computing system with hosted servers and even hosted VoIP telephone systems.

For McKenzies, the decision to create their own private cloud was preferred as opposed to utilising our datacentre. Compared to traditional server computing, it gave significant service enhancements and cost benefits as opposed to replacing multiple servers, whilst providing a superior disaster recovery solution. This infrastructure is supported by Akita’s dedicated IT support team to ensure that they do not suffer from unnecessary and unwanted downtime.