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      Cloud Consultancy

      Strategic guidance for deploying and scaling cloud solutions within your operations

      Expert Guidance For Your Cloud Journey

      Maximise the use of cloud solutions within your organisation with the help of our cloud consultants

      Akita delivers premium cloud services designed to enhance operational efficiency and optimize IT expenditure. We also offer tailored consultancy services, ensuring that clients fully utilize the potential of these cloud solutions according to their specific needs.

      Our team has extensive expertise in both private and public cloud environments, enabling us to provide informed guidance throughout any stage of an organization’s lifecycle.

      Speak with one of our experts to find out how we can ensure your cloud journey is seamless, secure, and strategically aligned with your business objectives.

      Elevate Your Operations With Cloud Technology

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      About Akita’s Cloud Consultancy Services

      Whether you’re initially exploring cloud adoption or looking to optimise your existing cloud infrastructure, our cloud consultancy services cater to every phase of your cloud journey.

      Our expertise covers common public cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure and Google, as well as private and hybrid cloud setups.

      From initial planning to ongoing management and support, we ensure your cloud operations are robust, cost-effective, and aligned with your business objectives and long-term goals.

      Cloud consultancy services

      Our cloud consultancy services provide end-to-end support throughout your cloud journey including:

      • Tailored cloud strategy
      • Cloud and hybrid setup development
      • In-depth hosted & hybrid infrastructure analysis
      • Implementation & strategic planning
      • Ongoing support for cloud optimisation & development

      Learn more about how we’ve supported an organisation with its cloud goals in our case study:

      cloud consultancy

      Cloud Transformation

      Case Study: Norris Waste Management

      Discover how we helped a waste management company optimise costs through our cloud services:

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      Why Use Cloud Consultants?

      Our cloud consultants help organisations to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and optimise their IT infrastructure for enhanced performance and scalability.

      These specialists bring a wealth of experience and expertise, allowing them to tailor cloud solutions that align with specific organisational objectives and operational needs. Leveraging deep knowledge of cloud technologies, our cloud consultants help organisations achieve a seamless transition to the cloud, ensuring that environments are secure and requirements are met.

      Additionally, our cloud consultants can deliver ongoing support and strategic insights that help organisations adapt to organisation changes and technological advancements, maximising ROI at every step.


      Shaping Cloud Strategy For Businesses


      Embracing cloud technology  can be a strategic move for organisations looking to enhance the flexibility, scalability and efficiency within their IT infrastructure. Yet it can also be technical and daunting.

      Akita’s consultants can work with your users to help address cloud and hosting questions and requirements within your organisation to ensure that you get the right cloud setup for your requirements.

      • How can the cloud benefit my business?
      • What cloud architecture best fits my needs?
      • Should I consider a pure cloud or a hybrid model?
      • How do I migrate my data and applications to the cloud securely?
      • How can I optimise my IT spend?
      • What steps should I take to ensure my cloud environment is secure?
      Cloud consultancy
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      Benefits Of Cloud Solutions

      Flexibility and Scalability: Easily adjust your resources to meet fluctuating demands. This ensures optimal performance without overpaying for unnecessary capacity.

      Enhanced Performance: With state-of-the-art infrastructure, you’ll experience high-speed, reliable performance that supports your business activities and improves user experience.

      Cost Efficiency: Reduce your IT overheads with our cloud hosting services. Pay only for the resources you use, eliminating the need for significant upfront hardware investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

      Security and Compliance: Benefit from robust security measures, including data encryption, secure access controls, and regular backups, ensuring your data’s integrity and compliance with industry regulations.

      Business Continuity: Protect your operations from data loss and downtime with our 99.9% uptime cloud infrastructure, ensuring business continuity even in the face of disasters.

      Expert Support: Our cloud experts are on hand to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring you get a smooth, uninterrupted service.

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      Cloud Consultancy FAQ

      What Industries Do You Serve With Cloud Consultancy Services?

      We serve a diverse range of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, technology, manufacturing, construction and much more. With broad and extensive expertise across our team, we understand the unique challenges of various sectors which enables us to provide tailored cloud solutions that meet industry-specific needs.

      Can You Help Migrate My Existing Infrastructure To The Cloud?

      Yes, Akita specialises in seamless cloud migrations. Our team assesses your current infrastructure, designs a customised migration plan, and executes it with minimal disruption to your operations. We ensure a smooth transition, whether you're moving from an on-premises setup or another cloud provider.

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      What Happens If My Business Outgrows The Initial Cloud Setup?

      Our cloud solutions are designed around scalability. If your organisation needs to make changes or experiences growth, we can easily adjust your cloud environment to accommodate new demands and ensure you always have the right capacity at the most efficient cost.

      Can You Assist With Cloud Security For My Setup?

      Yes. Akita has both cloud and security consultants in-house who can assess the security of your setup through audits, penetration testing and wider services.

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      cloud consultancy services
      Business Cloud Consultancy Services UK

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