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      Unlock unparalleled efficiency and transform your operations with Dynamics 365 – Microsoft’s tailored suite of applications designed to optimise business operations.

      Akita is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy. Through our focused business applications team, we design, develop and support CRM and ERP solutions for organisations across the UK and internationally.

      Whether you’re looking to discuss Microsoft Dynamics 365 services, a new project, additional development or ongoing support, our expert consultants are available to assist you.

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      What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

      Having an organisation’s key information held consistently within a single secure system offers a professional and scalable solution for managing an organisation’s activities and growth. That’s why over 65% of businesses adopt customer relationship management (CRM) software within their first five years.

      Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based, market-leading suite of business applications. More than just a sales CRM solution, Dynamics 365 offers bespoke modules to support a wide variety of operations and functions.

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      Understanding Dynamics 365 Applications

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers specialised CRM modules to support business functions including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Field Service.

      For centralised finance and operations management, Microsoft also offers and ERP solution called Business Central.

      Each application can work in isolation or together to create more connected business data. Modules can also integrate with a wide range of other Microsoft and third-party software solutions, including accounts and marketing automation software for enhanced functionality

      Akita develops Dynamics 365 through our dedicated transformation division Akita Intelligent Solutions.

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      Packaged Dynamics 365 Implementation Solutions

      Our QuickStart packages are designed for organisations that are ready to get up and running with a Microsoft CRM or ERP solution for as little as £3500.

      Offering all the essentials you need to get started, our experts will provide you with a full Dynamics 365 implementation and training in just five days at a fixed cost. We can even provide licensing and ongoing support as needed, offering a complete Microsoft Dynamics service. Our QuickStart packages are available for the following solutions:

      Business Central

      Transform your operations and productivity with Microsoft's flagship ERP offering. Our QuickStart ERP solution will get your organisation up and running with Business Central in one of a range of configurations.


      Get an advanced sales CRM solution that provides the contact management and business intelligence tools needed to turn more leads into sales.


      Manage prospects, launch and monitor campaigns and demonstrate the ROI of marketing efforts with better tracking and attribution with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing solution.

      Customer Service

      Use this leading customer service CRM solution to deliver professional and effective service and support at scale – without losing the personal touch.

      Field Service

      With a field service CRM solution, your organisation can transform the delivery of service operations. Use Microsoft’s market-leading field service software to get the task done in a smarter and simpler way.

      CRM & ERP Deployments

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      About Our Dynamics 365 Services

      Akita provides a full spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to global organisations and institutions. Our offering includes:

      • Consultancy: Our qualified Microsoft professionals offer expert consulting to help organisations of all sizes maximise the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics.
      • Development: We tailor Dynamics 365 to your organisation’s needs, including seamless integration with your existing business systems.
      • API Development: We’ll expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 through bespoke API development, enabling smooth connectivity with third-party applications.
      • Support: We provide a responsive helpdesk service to help organisations get the most from their setups and achieve maximum ROI.

      Our services are highly flexible, allowing for both ad hoc and ongoing support as required.

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