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      Professional IT business continuity planning services and backup services are geared to mitigating a business disaster

      Uninterrupted Operations: IT Business Continuity Planning Services

      Business continuity planning is a necessity of modern operations. Organisation’s reliance on technology and data means that any disruption, whether it be caused by natural disasters, cyber attacks, or hardware failures, can result in significant financial loss, damage to reputation, and even the potential closure of your business.

      Akita specialise in delivering exceptional IT Business Continuity Planning Services that are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we understand the paramount importance of sustaining business operations even in the face of unexpected events.

      Our approach encompasses a comprehensive blend of industry best practices and policies, smart technologies, and a profound comprehension of your business, all aimed at developing robust strategies that ensure the smooth functioning of your systems and the protection of your invaluable assets.

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      Creating an IT-focused business continuity plan is an invaluable exercise for understanding what can go wrong within your organisation or how you may be impacted by external factors.

      Firstly, we help you identify where you are most vulnerable from an IT perspective. In doing this, you can make your organisation more resilient and flexible in the way it operates. Having a plan in place also demonstrates that your organisation is committed to its operations and can hold benefits both for business insurance purposes and when winning new customers.

      Akita’s security and infrastructure consultants will assist with the creation of an effective IT business continuity plan. They will draw upon IT knowledge, our ISO 27001 security accreditation, and more than 25 years of customer experience of what can go wrong for a business to create a plan specifically tailored for your organisation.

      Coupled with our expert knowledge of technology, they will also make immediate and long-term recommendations on how the right IT solutions can make an organisation resistant to the impact of busin

      IT Business Continuity Plan


      The risks to organisations are varied and increasing. As a result, where continuity plans once focused on fire or flood, organisations should now have provisions in place for threats as diverse as ransomware and DDoS attacks, malicious insider threats and now even pandemic.

      Akita’s IT business continuity services are as varied as the threats that organisations face. Therefore, our range includes cloud solutions that support remote working to advanced antivirus softwareoffsite backup to mobile device management. These solutions minimise the impact of a disaster and get your organisation working again.

      We will also suggest tailored solutions based on your organisation’s profile or industry. Do you work in a controversial or high-risk sector? Or do you have many staff accessing sensitive data?

      Whatever your risk, we’ll find a solution.

      Features Of IT Business Continuity Planning Services

      Risk Assessment: A thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks. This evaluation forms the foundation for developing a robust continuity plan.

      Impact Analysis: Understanding the critical functions of your organisation and IT estate to determine the potential impact of disruptions to your operations. From this we can then prioritise resources and develop strategies that minimise downtime and ensure continuity.

      The Right Technology: Leveraging IT services and processes to implement seamless backup and recovery systems, data replication services, cloud or redundant infrastructure and backup connectivity solutions.

      Testing and Training: Regular testing of your business continuity plan. We assist you in conducting simulations and drills, ensuring that your users are prepared and confident in executing the plan when needed.

      Ongoing Support: As part of our proactive IT support services, we undertake the maintenance services needed to keep your infrastructure optimised and your business continuity plan up to date

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