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      Cloud Migration Services

      Save money, improve performance and simplify operations with Akita’s cloud migration services.

      Expert Cloud Migration Services For UK Businesses

      Elevate your business to the cloud with Akita’s professional cloud migration services.

      We provide professional cloud migration services London and wider UK organisations rely on.

      We provide comprehensive cloud services and support for all major cloud platforms. This is complemented by our own robust private cloud infrastructure, offering advanced cloud solutions for business at a significantly lower cost than Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google

      Whether migrating from one cloud environment to another or transitioning from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud solution, rely on Akita to prepare and strategise your migration and simplify your move to more flexible working. 

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      cloud migration services

      Cloud Migration Services London & UK

      Akita’s Migration Services

      As a leading cloud migration company, Akita will formulate the most suitable strategy for your organisation’s cloud migration.

      Whether you’re planning a hybrid cloud migration or a fully integrated cloud migration, Akita will be there with the expertise needed for a smooth transition.

      And with a dedicated infrastructure team, we can also support your cloud environment post-migration.

      Cloud migration services UK

      Cloud Migration Services London & UK

      Challenges With Moving To The Cloud

      • Lack of strategy and expertise – Migrating to the cloud successfully requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Akita will cater to all requirements that arise throughout the migration whilst making sure each step is performed correctly.  
      • Cost management – without an expert on board, costs can spiral. Akita will ensure that no extra charges pop up that aren’t already planned, as well as help to set KPIs and manage projections. 
      • Data security management – The cloud is a very secure way of storing data, however the organisation does take responsibility for securing data and workloads. Akita will support by making sure your cloud is configured correctly, therefore securing your data. 
      • Continued Operation – Throughout a cloud migration, it’s important to ensure your current systems remain operational. There are a multitude of best practices that Akita will follow here to ensure there are no bumps in the migration. 

      Cloud Migration Services london & UK

      Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud


      Both employees and customers will be able to access data from anywhere in the world. This allows employees to collaborate on shared projects, updates, or issues needing more hands on, without having to be onsite.


      Organisations that are migrate to the cloud see a significant difference in their IT operations requirements. Maintenance and upgrades will all be taken care of by Akita, meaning far less budget will be needed in this area.


      Migrating to the cloud can improve overall user experience. Data will be available much quicker than if it were coming from multiple on-premise servers meaning page loading times will be considerably lowered.


      Where you’d previously be required to purchase and set up physical servers to support larger workloads, the cloud can scale up easily to support your organisation through times of growth. With companies such as Apple, Netflix and eBay, all using cloud computing, you can be sure that the cloud can accommodate for any amount of growth you project.


      Migrating to the cloud offers your organisation much greater security than on-premise infrastructure by storing all your data centrally in an established facility. Unwanted users won’t be able to access your data due to the continued and consistent security updates that will be implemented instantaneously without you having to lift a finger.

      business cloud migration services from Akita
      Cloud Migration Services London & UK

      Discover The Savings Of Moving To The Cloud

      Get in touch for a no-obligation indication of how much a cloud migration would cost for your organisation - and how much you'd save over your existing setup:
      cloud migration
      Cloud migration service

      Carbon Reduction Through IT

      Sustainability Benefits Of Cloud Computing

      Migrating to the cloud can cut business energy use by over 80% by eliminating the need to run and cool individual on-premise units.

      Cloud technology can also reduce a business’s carbon footprint by up to 90% by reducing the amount of high-carbon physical products needed.

      Akita’s cloud data centres have award-winning green credentials, including innovative cooling solutions and utilisation of renewable energy sources.

      Akita’s Cloud Migration Services

      Akita’s Hosted Cloud


      Move away from traditional in-house server hardware and embrace the power of cloud servers. Akita’s cloud server hosting offers a more cost-effective alternative, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure investments. By storing your data in our secure cloud servers, you’ll have a highly reliable and scalable solution at the core of your IT operations.

      With Akita’s advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, your organisation can achieve greater operational efficiency. Whether you need to scale resources on-demand or customise server configurations to meet your specific requirements, our solutions empower you to adapt and grow with ease.

      Key Benefits of Akita’s Hosted Server Services:

      • Cost-effective alternative to in-house server hardware
      • Enhanced performance and scalability
      • Increased operational flexibility
      • Expert server management and support
      • Robust security measures to safeguard your data
      • Proactive monitoring and optimisation

      Microsoft Azure


      Azure provides a range of capabilities for hosting, deploying, and managing applications and data. Its scalability, flexibility, and robustness make it the ideal choice for organisations looking to embrace the cloud and drive innovation.

      Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, Azure offers the tools and services you need to thrive with capabilities for hosting, deploying, and managing applications and data.

      As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise and experience to guide your Azure journey. Our dedicated cloud IT infrastructure team is committed to understanding your organisation’s unique requirements and tailoring Azure solutions that align with your goals and drive growth.

      Our team of Azure-certified professionals bring extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and managing Azure environments. We stay up-to-date with the latest Azure advancements to provide you with cutting-edge solutions

      From initial planning and implementation to ongoing management and optimisation, we provide comprehensive support throughout your Azure journey. Our team is available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure your Azure environment runs smoothly

      cloud migration

      Cloud Experts UK

      Akita’s Cloud Migration Process

      • Akita cloud experts will provide a comprehensive scoping of your migration requirements and create a detailed project plan.
      • We’ll assess your data and requirements and calculate the costs involved. This then provides you with a predictable monthly cost that you’re better able to budget for (versus an onsite server). We’ll then configure your cloud environment or Microsoft cloud tenant.
      • At the execution stage, we’ll work with you to rationalise and then transfer your data over to your choice of cloud.  This will be undertaken in a way that ensures minimal disruption and that your data remains secure in transit.
      • The final stage is ongoing support. Once you’re set up with your new cloud system, you can still rely on us being there to proactively manage your environment answer – whether as part of a wider IT support agreement or a bespoke cloud infrastructure support plan.

      Cloud Migration FAQ

      Which Applications Or Workloads Should Be Migrated To The Cloud?

      Almost any type of data, application or workload can be moved to the cloud. This includes web applications, enterprise applications, databases, file storage systems, email services, and more.

      What Are The Potential Cost Savings Or Cost Considerations Associated With Cloud Migration?

      A recent survey of 35,000 servers found that organisations saved an average of 30% on their asset storage bills annually by migrating to the cloud. Migration also decreases spend on energy related to cooling servers, potentially saving hundreds of pounds per month. Read more here:

      View More
      How Can We Ensure Minimal Downtime During The Migration Process?

      As part of Akita’s cloud migration service, we’ll keep business disruption to a minimum. We do this by undertaking work outside of your business hours, preparing for the final transition to be done in one go rather than slowly migrating systems and leaving you only part operational. Where relevant, we’ll also make engineers available for the days after your migration to ensure all users are confident using your new setup.

      How Can We Effectively Manage And Optimise Our Cloud Resources Post-Migration?

      You can rely on us post migration to be there to assist, support and manage your cloud setup through either our wider IT support plans or a bespoke outsourced IT infrastructure support agreement.

      How Can A Cloud Migration Drive Development And Support Our Long-Term IT Strategy?

      Migrating to the cloud opens doors; improving overall flexibility and scalability. It enables organisations to pay for the exact level of storage they need and removes all blockers that may have been preventing growth. Akita can also assist in strategic IT roadmapping which becomes much easier with cloud storage as it allows for more realistic and accurate planning.

      Cloud migration service
      Cloud Migration Services London & UK

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