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      Discover smart data visualisation that enhances business intelligence and speeds up decision-making

      Do More With Your Data With Help From Our Power BI Consultants

      Microsoft Power BI offers powerful data visualisation that supports data-driven decision-making and enhances overall business efficiency.

      Our Power BI consultants can help you unlock data from one or all of your key systems. In turn, they’ll create powerful, tailored reports that will provide you with easy-to-understand information about performance from any area of your operation that you choose.

      From sales pipeline reporting to HSE incident tracking, make more of your data with Akita’s Power BI consultancy: 

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      What is data visualization?

      Data visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI turns data into visuals, graphs and charts.

      People are inherently visual: around 50% of brain activity is dedicated to visual processing. This means we’re better able to understand information when it is presented graphically rather than as numbers.

      In business terms, data is more likely to be understood if presented visually. It also means that trends are more likely to be spotted from a graph than from a spreadsheet, which enhances business intelligence and strategy as a result. This is where Power BI comes in.

      Discover more about using Power BI:

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      Power BI Consultancy London & UK

      Why Use Microsoft Power BI?

      Microsoft Power BI is a market-leading data visualisation tool. Available with many common Microsoft licences, it can be used to create graphics, tables and charts from a wide range of data sources including databases, CRM systems and account software.

      Power BI can also take data from multiple, separate sources at the same time. This can create comparisons between data sets that may never have been compared before (leading to new trend discoveries) or significantly reduce the amount of manual work required to create reports.

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      Reports can be tailored to deliver the questions you need the answers to: from productivity graphs to maps showing your customers’ locations. Reports are always live and use the latest data available, so you’ll always see the most up-to-date trends.

      Data variables within reports can also be changed live, allowing you to drill into the data within your reports. This means you can review against time periods, regions, users – whatever metrics are important to you.

      Plus, Power BI reports can also be shared easily, either as links or embedded within documents, SharePoint or other sources. So you can present reports on performance immediately, in a way that business leaders are able to understand with ease.

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      Case Study

      Managing Contracts & Properties With Microsoft Power BI

      Our Power BI consultancy has simplified contract management for a major housing organisation. Discover more on our Intelligent Solutions website:
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      Power BI Consultants London & UK

      Microsoft Power BI Consultancy with Akita

      Our Microsoft Power BI consultants work with organisations across the UK and internationally to help them get the most from their data.

      Some organisations know exactly what metrics, KPIs and reports they need and where to find the data. Others have an idea but prefer to be guided by our consultants as to the types of reporting that can benefit their operations. And we’re happy to assist in either case.

      As a Microsoft Gold partner, we can also provide any Microsoft licensing an organisation may require.

      microsoft power bi consultancy london & UK
      Microsoft Power BI Consultants London & UK

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