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      Expert ISO 27001 consultancy for achieving information security management accreditation.

      Helping Organisations Achieve Security Certification With ISO 27001 CONSULTANCY

      Prove your organisation’s commitment to information security management with the globally acknowledged ISO 27001 certification.

      With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s critical for businesses to have a  demonstrable strategy for dealing with the risks. Holding ISO 27001 demonstrates to customers and partners that your organisation takes information security seriously.

      Akita is a trusted partner for ISO 27001 consultancy, supporting organisations in the steps towards achieving accreditation.

      Through assessment, preparation and policy development, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re ready for the certification process.

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      ISO 27001 consultancy



      The ISO 27001 standard is designed as a framework for organisations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their Information Security Management System (ISMS).

      It sets out the criteria for a comprehensive program that focuses not only on technical safeguards but also on detailed risk management processes. This covers the people, processes, and policies that are crucial in safeguarding information.

      Achieving ISO 27001 certification involves a rigorous external audit conducted by an accredited body. The certification is evidence that your business has deployed an effective ISMS that complies with one of the highest standards of information security.

      ISO 27001 Consultants LONDON & UK

      WHAT DOES ISO 27001 COVER?

      The certification encompasses a set of policies, procedures, and controls centred around:

      Information Security Risk Management

      Identifying and treating security risks systematically.

      Asset Management

      Classifying and handling information assets securely.

      Access Control

      Restricting access to information to those who need it.

      Physical and Environmental Security

      Protecting the physical premises and equipment.

      Operational Security

      Ensuring secure operations and minimising the risk of data loss.

      Communications Security

      Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in transit.

      System Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance

      Ensuring that information security is an integral part of the systems throughout their lifecycle.

      Supplier Relationships

      Managing risks associated with access to the organization's assets by external parties.

      Information Security Incident Management

      Preparing for and responding to information security breaches.

      Business Continuity Management

      Protecting, maintaining, and recovering business-critical processes and systems.


      Ensuring adherence to legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations.

      ISO 27001 consultancy

      ISO 27001 Compliance Service


      Akita’s approach to ISO 27001 certification is comprehensive. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your current information security management practices against ISO 27001 standards. This includes:

      • Risk assessments to identify potential information issues.
      • Reviewing current policies and procedures to find areas that need strengthening.
      • Helping with the implementation of necessary controls to mitigate identified risks.
      • Providing thorough documentation to ensure standards are met and maintained.
      • Preparing your staff with the necessary training and awareness programs.
      • Delivering a SharePoint policy library tailored ISO 27001 documentation management

      Once your organisation meets the criteria, our ISO 27001 assessors will guide you through the formal audit process conducted by our external partner to ensure a successful certification outcome.

      ISO 27001 Consultants LONDON & UK


      Achieving ISO 27001 certification is not a one-off exercise; it requires monitoring and regular reviews to ensure that organisations remain compliant.

      As a result, Akita offers our ISO 27001 consultancy as an ongoing managed service. This simplifies the process of maintaining the accreditation and significantly simplifies the renewal process.

      ISO 27001 consultancy

      Our managed consultancy service for ISO 27001 includes:

      • Regular reviews of your ISMS to ensure it remains compliant with the evolving standard.
      • Continuous risk assessment to adapt to new threats and maintain robust security.
      • Updates to policies and procedures in line with the latest best practices and compliance requirements.
      • Ongoing support and training for your team to reinforce user awareness and protocols.
      • Regular internal audits to prepare for the formal triennial re-certification audit.
      • Dedicated ISO 27001 certified consultants to advise and assist with any ISMS-related queries or concerns.

      Take the first step towards a more secure future and establish your reputation as a leader in information security management. Get in touch today for a personalised consultation and quote for your ISO 27001 service requirements.

      ISO 27001 consultancy
      iso 27001 consultants london & UK

      Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

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      Why Should Organisations Get Certified For ISO 27001?

      Showcases A Strong Commitment To Information Security

      Implementing ISO 27001 elevates an organisation's stature by demonstrating a proactive stance in safeguarding data against emerging cyber threats, thereby increasing trust among clients and users.

      Internationally Recognised Standard

      ISO 27001 is a benchmark, globally acknowledged and respected. Certification confirms to stakeholders worldwide that your organisation prioritises and maintains the highest level of data security.

      Compliance And Competitive Advantage

      ISO 27001 certification is increasingly being recognised as a compliance necessity by governments and industries worldwide. It can also be a critical differentiator in the marketplace, often a prerequisite for global tenders and contracts.

      Enhances Trust And Could Lower Insurance Premiums

      Achieving ISO 27001 certification may positively impact your organisation's insurance premiums by evidencing effective risk management. Insurers often look favourably upon organisations that take comprehensive steps to mitigate risks, potentially leading to better insurance terms.

      ISO 27001 consultancy

      Cyber Security Experts

      Working With Akita

      Akita is a leading provider of IT support and managed services in London and the South East. We possess the expertise to prepare organisations for ISO 27001 compliance.

      Our consultants evaluate IT systems and policies in alignment with ISO 27001 standards. Subsequently, we generate a comprehensive assessment report, offering valuable insights and guidance on any necessary changes or improvements to attain certification.

      For our customers, we take the extra steps of scoping, providing quotes, and implementing these essential changes across their operations.

      ISO 27001 consultancy
      ISO 27001 Consultancy Services UK

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