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      Stay aligned with European cyber security regulations with Akita’s NIS2 consultancy.

      The NIS2 Directive is an essential update to the original Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive, crafted to strengthen cyber security across Europe.

      As cyber threats grow in complexity and frequency, NIS2 introduces stringent new requirements that aim to enhance the resilience of networks and information systems in various sectors. This mandates improved risk management strategies, increased corporate accountability, specific reporting obligations, and robust business continuity plans.

      The NIS2 directive impacts not only European organisations but also their key partners and supply chains. This means UK and international organisations wishing to conduct business in Europe may be required to demonstrate the same standards of cyber security.

      Akita is an expert cyber security partner assisting organisations across industries with regulation compliance, including the NIS2 Directive. Our team of seasoned cyber security professionals are well-versed in EU regulations and specialise in tailoring compliance strategies to individual needs.

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      What Is The NIS2 Directive?

      The NIS2 Directive establishes stringent requirements around cyber security for organisations in Europe, focusing on enhancing overall resilience and security. This in turn touches on their partners and supply chains.

      The core requirements outlined by the directive include comprehensive risk management protocols that require organisations to continually assess and mitigate cyber threats through robust security measures.

      Additionally, NIS2 mandates strict reporting obligations, necessitating the establishment of efficient and accurate incident reporting systems. These systems must enable organisations to notify relevant authorities promptly, ideally within 24 hours of detecting significant cyber security incidents.

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      Business continuity is another critical aspect under NIS2, where organisations must develop and maintain plans to ensure operational stability in the event of cyber disruptions. These plans should include effective recovery strategies and regular testing to ensure they are always ready for implementation.

      Lastly, the directive emphasises corporate accountability, requiring senior management to actively oversee and approve cyber security measures. This includes undergoing regular training to understand and manage the organisation’s cyber security risks effectively, thus ensuring a top-down approach to cyber security governance that aligns with NIS2 standards.

      Working With Akita For NIS2 Consultancy

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      Gap Analysis:

      An in-depth evaluation of your existing cyber security measures against NIS2 standards, identifying key areas for enhancement through gap analysis to efficiently craft a compliance roadmap.

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      Corporate Accountability Programs:

      Establishing robust management accountability structures, developing targeted training for executives, and conducting regular compliance checks and audits to ensure sustained adherence.

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      Risk Management Solutions:

      Bespoke risk management strategies aligned with NIS2 requirements, utilising advanced tools to proactively manage cyber risks and integrate these measures into your business operations for effective threat mitigation.

      The 10 Minimum Security Measures

      Risk Assessments: Regular evaluations of potential cyber risks affecting information systems to ensure all vulnerabilities are identified and addressed.

      Security Policies For Information Systems: Development and maintenance of security policies specifically tailored to protect and manage information systems.

      Evaluation Of Security Measures: Continuous monitoring and regular evaluations to verify the effectiveness of existing security measures and identify needs for upgrades or adjustments.

      Cryptography and Encryption: Application of cryptographic techniques and encryption to safeguard data integrity and confidentiality across all platforms and communications.

      Incident Handling: Implementation of comprehensive plans that cover detection, reporting, response, and recovery from security breaches to minimise potential impacts.

      System Security In Procurement And Development: Ensuring that all new systems and updates to existing systems are secure by design, incorporating security from the initial stages of development and procurement.

      Cyber security Training And Awareness: Regular training programs to keep all employees informed about the latest cyber security practices and threats, fostering a culture of security awareness.

      Access Control Policies: Strict controls and policies to manage access to sensitive data and systems, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access based on their role requirements.

      Business Continuity Management: Robust planning to ensure that business operations can continue securely in the event of major disruptions, including maintaining up-to-date backups and access to critical IT systems.

      Supply Chain Security: Assessment of supply chain risks and implementation of security measures to manage and mitigate risks from external suppliers and partners.

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      Who Needs To Comply?

      The NIS2 Directive targets a broader range of sectors within Europe, focusing on organisations providing essential services like energy, transportation, banking, and healthcare, along with digital service providers including cloud computing services and online marketplaces.

      These organisations, especially those involved in operating essential services or digital platforms, must comply with NIS2’s stringent cyber security standards. Our services can be customised to address the unique security challenges of each of these sectors, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall security resilience.

      NIS2’s reach extends beyond Europe, affecting non-European entities that interact significantly with the European market. Compliance is crucial for uninterrupted service and maintaining trust with European partners. Our consultancy offers strategic guidance to help these organisations navigate NIS2 compliance effectively, safeguarding their operations and ensuring business continuity across borders.

      How does NIS2 differ from the original NIS Directive?

      NIS2 broadens the scope of sectors affected, includes more stringent cyber security requirements, and emphasises the accountability of senior management. Understanding these differences is crucial for effective compliance.

      What are the penalties for non-compliance with NIS2?

      Penalties can be severe, including substantial fines based on a percentage of global turnover, reputational damage, and in some cases, operational shutdown. Details vary by member state based on local implementation of the directive.

      Are there specific cyber security technologies that can help ensure NIS2 compliance?

      Yes, technologies such as advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and automated incident response systems are particularly beneficial. We can guide you in selecting and implementing the most appropriate technologies for your needs.

      How frequently should we review our NIS2 compliance status?

      Regular reviews are recommended, at least annually or whenever significant changes occur in your operational environment or in NIS2 regulations.

      Can NIS2 compliance help in improving business?

      Absolutely, the processes involved in achieving NIS2 compliance, such as improved risk management and business continuity planning, can enhance overall operational efficiency and resilience.

      How does NIS2 handle data protection, and does it overlap with GDPR?

      While NIS2 is focused on security of network and information systems and does not specifically address personal data protection, there is a synergy with GDPR in terms of security measures and reporting obligations. Compliance with NIS2 can complement your GDPR efforts by reinforcing overall data security practices.

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