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      Spam, phishing and advanced social engineering attacks represent a huge threat to organisations.
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      Phishing Testing: Train Users, Protect Your Organisation

      Work with Akita to improve your user security awareness and reduce the risk of a cyber security event in your organisation.

      Our expert cyber security consultants can test your users’ awareness with a bespoke campaign. Either covering your whole organisation or areas considered high risk, we’ll determine security awareness and provide post-event cyber security training.

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      Test Your Organisation's Security Awarenes

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      Why Undertake Regular Email Phishing Assessments?

      In the realm of security, an organisation’s users are often the weakest link when it comes to protecting against threats. This is because attackers frequently use social engineering techniques – such as phishing – to exploit user behaviour and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

      Recent studies have shown that around 80% of cyber attacks experienced by UK businesses are phishing attempts. This underscores the need for organizations to be proactive in assessing their user base’s vulnerability to such threats.

      One way to do this is by adopting phishing testing services. The testing is designed to assess the users’ level of preparedness for a potential phishing attack and identify potential weak links in the organisation that may be vulnerable to email spoofing.

      Our experts will conduct a phishing attack simulation, which will help to identify how users in the organization respond to potential phishing emails. They will then provide training and guidance on how to eliminate the risk of phishing attacks, including advice on how to identify and report suspicious emails.

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      Testing Your Users’ Security Readiness

      Akita’s phishing testing offers a simulation of a phishing attack, allowing you to test how security conscious your users are.

      Testing is run remotely so as not to arouse suspicion. Using one of over 500 specially designed email templates, we’ll launch a simulated phishing email attack to your user base.

      Akita then tracks where users have engaged with the email either by opening it or clicking links within the email.

      After the simulation, we’ll produce a report for management and stakeholders showing who in the organisation has failed the test. This may reveal trends or highlight particular departments most at risk

      As part of testing, users that have failed will be given access to an online training portal and required to pass a test within 30 days to show they now understand security risks.

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      Ongoing Email Phishing Testing Assessments

      Akita’s phishing testing services can be conducted as a one-off exercise. But Akita recommends periodic testing (typically quarterly) to ensure that an organisation’s vigilance against phishing attacks remains high.

      As part of the managed phishing test service, the testing can be customised to suit the needs of the organisation. This may involve testing the entire organisation, or tailored testing of select, high-risk departments or job functions (such as finance).

      This flexibility ensures that the testing is relevant and meaningful to the specific needs of the organisation.

      In addition to testing, Akita provides guidance on where to concentrate security efforts within the organisation. This advice is based on the initial report generated from the testing as well as the expertise of the Akita team. By working with Akita, organisations can stay proactive and vigilant against phishing attacks, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

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