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      Discover how we support our customers’ long-term IT strategy through effective planning

      Visualise Your IT Strategy

      As a strategic IT partner, we know that organisations achieve the best value from their IT spend when they align their technology requirements to their long-term business goals.

      Our IT roadmapping bridges the gap between your current IT capabilities and your future business objectives. And its available for all of our supported customers:

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      How IT Roadmapping Works With Akita

      With almost 30 years of experience working with 1000s of organisations, and a large number of in-house experts and consultants, we have the expertise to help shape organisations’ IT for growth.

      Our roadmapping process typically begins from the start of any new relationship and consists of three key stages:

      IT Roadmapping
      • During our onboarding phase, Akita collects information about your organisation’s current IT setup and identifies potential gaps or issues. We’ll also engage with stakeholders about your organisation’s profile, broad goals and growth expectations.
      • Armed with this information, your personal account manager will liaise with our consultants to create a roadmap. This will typically cover immediate needs or desires, and an assessment of how your technology may need to adapt in line with your plans. We’ll also use industry and profile comparison to make suggestions based on other high performing organisations or wider industry-specific best practice.
      • Your account manager will then assess the roadmap with stakeholders to ensure it aligns with your priorities, adapting it as necessary. It is then an active plan: your account manager will review it on a regular basis, providing updates on long-term projects and modifying it based on changing requirements within your organisation.

      Through this strategic approach, we help organisations shape their IT in a way that’s right for their needs and maximises the value from our expertise at every stage of their growth cycle.

      Why We Create Roadmaps For Our Customers

      Agile Adaptation

      Our roadmaps have the power to equip your organisation with the agility needed to swiftly adapt to changes in the technological landscape and market conditions, ensuring resilience and a competitive edge in rapidly evolving industries.

      Proactive Planning

      With a roadmap, we can help you stay ahead of competitors. By planning for future technology implementations, we ensure that your IT infrastructure evolves in a way that supports growth, enhances efficiency, and mitigates risks before they become critical.

      Budget Optimisation

      Understanding your IT trajectory makes budgeting more straightforward and predictable. Our roadmaps provide a clear outline of future investments, helping you allocate resources more efficiently and avoid unexpected expenses.

      Enhanced Decision-Making

      A well-defined IT roadmap empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. By visualising your IT journey, you can easily assess the impact of technology choices on your business and ensure that every investment contributes to your overarching objectives.

      Strategic Alignment

      Our roadmapping process ensures that your IT strategy is perfectly aligned with your business goals. By understanding your business objectives, we can tailor technology solutions that not only meet your current needs but also anticipate future demands.

      About Akita’s Account Management

      All Akita customers receive an account manager. Their job is to become an expert in your setup, requirements, and the way your organisation works.

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      The Value Of Understanding Your IT Strategy

      Having a deep understanding of your IT strategy is crucial for business success. An effective IT roadmap not only facilitates easier budgeting but also:

      Improves Operational Efficiency: By planning technology implementations in advance, we ensure that your IT infrastructure continuously evolves to support optimal business operations.

      Supports Growth: Our roadmaps are designed to scale with your business, enabling seamless expansion and adaptation to new market demands.

      Mitigates Risks: By forecasting technology trends and challenges, we can implement preventative measures to secure your operations against future threats.

      Encourages Innovation: With a clear view of your IT trajectory, we can identify opportunities for innovation, helping you stay competitive in modern business.

      IT roadmapping does more than just planning for future technology implementations; it ensures your IT investments are directly contributing to your overall business success and aligning to your objectives.

      IT Strategy
      IT Strategy & Roadmapping

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