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      The industry standard in business applications. Discover how Microsoft 365 solutions can transform your organisation.

      microsoft 365 services

      Giving Businesses More From Microsoft 365

      Akita is an experienced Microsoft partner, delivering Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services across the UK and internationally.

      Microsoft 365 applications are central to most business operations. So as a leading IT managed services provider, we ensure that we have all the required expertise in Microsoft technologies that our customers need.

      We partner with more than 250 organisations, helping them make the most of Microsoft technologies and the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

      And beyond everyday Outlook and Office 365 services, we’re able to support and develop advanced applications such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft CRM and ERP technologies, and cloud platforms such as Azure and Dataverse.

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      Achieve More With Microsoft 365

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      What Is Microsoft 365?

      Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud business applications. Totalling more than 30 separate applications, Microsoft 365 covers everything from essential workplace apps (such as Word and Excel) to advanced business systems and storage solutions such as SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

      Microsoft 365 applications are delivered on a SaaS model and are accessed through licences with monthly or annual billing. This keeps business costs predictable.  Meanwhile, cloud hosting ensures users can access applications from any location.


      Microsoft 365 Support With Akita

      As part of Akita’s IT support services, we provide organisations with support for common Microsoft and Office 365 applications and solutions.

      Our expertise extends from troubleshooting Outlook issues to managing complex Azure configurations, ensuring your business leverages the full potential of Microsoft 365 tools.

      Our team of in-house Microsoft-certified experts is available around the clock, every day of the year, providing reliable Microsoft 365 support. Whether it’s a minor query or a critical system issue, our dedicated support ensures you receive timely and effective assistance.

      Read more about our Microsoft 365 support as part of our wider IT service in our case studies.

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      Microsoft 365 business licensing can give access to as many as 15 separate applications. And some businesses are only using a fraction of these. Download our guide to find out how you can get better value out of your Microsoft licensing:

      Microsoft 365 Services

      Partner For Business Applications & Cloud Solutions

      Alongside everyday applications, Microsoft 365 also offers advanced solutions for managing business operations. This includes cloud hosting management solutions, and technologies for customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

      Akita develops these more advanced applications through our Intelligent Solutions division, which has specialist insight into the delivery of these tailored applications.

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      Microsoft 365 Case Studies

      Doing More With Microsoft 365 For Businesses

      Discover how we support the following organisations with their Microsoft 365 setups:

      Akita is a leading Microsoft partner, with solutions spanning cloud, modern work and business applications

      Microsoft 365 Services


      To validate our expertise with Microsoft technologies, we hold Microsoft Partner status for Modern Work and Business Applications.

      These accreditations reflect both the knowledge that our engineers and consultants hold of Microsoft products and the scale of deployments we undertake each year at all levels.

      Amongst the benefits these accreditations brings, it enables us to provide our customers with Microsoft licensing at the same price as buying direct. So by coming to Akita, you’ll get both the Microsoft products you want and the support you may need to deploy them.

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