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      Protect your network with firewall security services from Akita

      IT Security Partner For Managed Firewall Services In London & The Wider UK

      Akita delivers managed firewall services in London and the wider South East that deliver comprehensive security for IT estates.

      With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, having robust system protection in place is crucial for businesses. Our team of cyber security experts specialise in delivering tailored firewall security services that cater to your specific security requirements and risk profile. Plus, we’ll ensure your firewall solution is fully integrated with your wider setup and security measures, eliminating any potential gaps

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      Firewall Security Services

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      What Is A Firewall?

      A firewall is a security solution designed to monitor traffic across your network.

      Any IT network will have several points where internal systems communicate with external servers and systems. This might be your email exchange, your website, a cloud service or similar.

      A firewall will protect these and other access points on your network, ensuring that they are not exposed to unwanted third parties – and any malicious materials they may want to deploy within your systems.

      Once malware and hacking attempts would simply ‘look’ for unprotected ways into your systems. But as security has improved, attacks have become far more advanced. As a result, malware and ransomware will now try to enter a system at a deeper, application level.

      For this reason, organisations require a sophisticated way to protect themselves.

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      Managed firewall security services from Akita

      900+ Million

      Forms of malware in existence

      Adopting Managed firewall services

      Akita provides both physical and virtual firewall solutions depending on your setup.

      Sophos XG firewalls are our preferred security solution. They provide application-layer protection for networks, preventing even the most advanced attacks from getting through.

      Sophos solutions can be used to defend both physical networks and VPNs. As well as this, they can also prevent other types of attacks. These include attacks such as DDoS, from taking down your website or systems through load-balancing.

      As a comprehensive solution, XG Firewalls also provide web filtering functionality. This prevents users from accessing websites or online material that may contain threats and viruses.

      Meanwhile, Sophos’ Security Heartbeat technology communicates with an organisation’s anti-virus software, ensuring that if something does gain access to your network it can be quickly identified across all systems, neutralised and security gaps eliminated.

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      Why Take Managed Firewall Security Services With Akita?

      By choosing Akita’s managed firewall services, you can benefit from our industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and proactive security approach.

      Our certified professionals will work closely with you to understand your network infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and develop a customised firewall strategy. We handle all aspects of firewall management, including configuration, monitoring, and maintenance, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

      With our managed firewall services, you can ensure the security of your network against unauthorised access, data breaches, and other threats. We provide ongoing monitoring and support to detect and respond to any potential security incidents promptly. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest security trends and employs advanced tools and techniques to keep your network safe.

      Protect your IT estate and fortify your network infrastructure with Akita’s managed firewall services available in London and the wider UK.

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      firewall security services

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