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      Whether reviewing existing IT systems and processes or planning for expansion, get the expertise you need from Akita, as part of an IT audit.

      Review & Optimise Your Systems With Akita’s IT Audits

      Ensure that your IT setup is secure and optimised with Akita’s IT auditing services.

      We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your IT infrastructure, processes, and controls, designed to identify any vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that may exist. This allows organisations to identify priority areas of their IT, taking back control of IT setup and investment.

      With over 25 years of experience supporting medium and large-sized organisations across a range of industries, Akita has built a reputation for excellence in IT auditing services. Our team of specialist engineers and consultants hold a string of accreditations, enabling us to provide expert guidance and support for even the most complex IT requirements.

      We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each of our clients, providing bespoke IT audit solutions that address their unique challenges.

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      Professional IT Audits In London & Wider UK

      At Akita, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality IT auditing services that help organisations improve their IT. Whether you are looking to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve your IT processes, or enhance your IT security, we have the expertise and experience to help.

      With a wide range of internal expertise and in-house consultants, our IT audits can cover:

      Our experienced team of IT professionals will work closely with you to identify any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your IT setup, and provide practical recommendations for improvement.

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      IT AUDITING Services London & UK


      While our process for IT audits will differ depending on your requirements, below is a guide to our approach and benefits:

      Initial Consultancy

      During the initial phase, we'll gain an understanding of your organisation, its goals and how you use your current IT setup. This can include time with key stakeholders within your organisation to ensure that agendas are aligned, and generation of user cases where relevant.

      IT Audit Execution

      Performance of an IT audit to match your specification. For audits of IT systems, network infrastructure and/or software, this may include software-based testing. Areas will be viewed in-line with the audit scope, organisational aims, best practice guidelines and IT healthcare expertise.

      Reporting & Recommendations

      On completion, we'll document our findings. This will include a summary, highlighting specific problem areas. We'll also provide recommendations for future development, typical organised by priorities.

      Change Implementation

      Where applicable, we'll also be able to offer you a suggested project approach to delviering improvements. We'll offer a comprehensive quote and - should you wish - can then undertake the implementation for you.

      Driving Improvements & Increased Efficiency

      IT Auditing Services

      Akita’s IT audits can assist your organisation in finding new efficiencies that save you money and improve daily processes.

      We can conduct IT audits as a one-off service, assisting with specific organisational activities such as mergers and acquisitions.

      Alternatively, we can also provide an ongoing auditing service. Not only can this improve IT systems and business operations, but it also provides independent verification that you’re getting value for money from your IT.

      Our IT audits take place to fit around your schedule, ensuring minimum disruption to your staff base.

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      IT Auditing Services FAQ

      How Much Does An IT Audit Cost?

      Pricing is determined by the scope and depth of the audit and the expertise required. Costs will typically start at around £600 but for a more accurate estimate, request a quick quote:

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      What Are The Benefits Of An IT Audit With Akita?

      One of the main benefits of our IT auditing is its ability to improve overall IT systems. This can include optimising current systems or uncovering the need for new implementations. Additionally, IT audits can reduce security risks, and also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

      What Are Some Common Findings Of IT Audits?

      Results are dependent on scope, but common IT audit findings include inadequate security controls, insufficient backup, disaster recovery and business continuity measures, outdated or under-optimised hardware and software, and a lack of policies and procedures.

      Do You Offer IT Security Audits?

      Yes. Our cyber security experts perform IT security audits for organisations in all industries. We can tailor our approach to specific known security concerns, or provide a generalised IT security audit that provides a general overview of systems and policies. After performing the IT security audit, we’ll present our findings and make recommendations aimed at protecting your organisation.

      About IT Security Audits
      Who Performs Your IT Audits?

      Akita has a team of dedicated IT consultants and specialists spanning over 40 managed services. Depending on the scope of your audit, we’ll assign resources with the right specialisms, experience and skills.

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