Business connectivity services

      Business Connectivity Services

      Ensuring internal and external communications run smoothly 

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      Connectivity is the heart of most successful modern organisations, as operations rely heavily on factors outside of one room. Akita offers services coving all aspects of connectivity, so no matter your situation, we can ensure you get great internet.

      Connectivity Requirements

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      What’s The Importance Of Good Business Connectivity

      Connectivity refers to the level of internet connection an organisation has, which in turn affects their day-to-day operations.

      There aren’t many business functions that don’t rely on a good internet connection; even a telephone call will soon only be possible over an internet connection as businesses migrate to VoIP phone systems.

      Having poor connectivity can be the route of many problems, but rectifying it couldn’t be easier.

      We have four services in place to ensure our customers get great connectivity wherever they are in the country. These consist of –

      What We Offer

      Business Connectivity Services

      Wi-Fi Installation

      Wi-Fi networks offer a more flexible and scalable approach to connectivity than cabling. Not to mention being far more cost-effective, Wi-Fi can be implemented in any location of your choosing, whether that be an office, hotel, open shop floor, or even a warehouse.

      Business Internet Services

      Our business internet connection services consist of five main options; ADSL, FTTC, leased lines, and 4G. Each solution has its own specific benefits and varying connection speeds, geared toward different organisational situations.

      Point To Point Wireless Connections

      Point to point wireless connections provide quick, reliable internet without the hassle of laying a cable. By placing a temporary and non-obtrusive dish on top of a building, we can establish a connection with an internet broadcast point up to 15km away.

      Leased Line

      A leased line is a permanently connected, dedicated communications line, generally using fibre optic cables. It won’t be shared by multiple entities, meaning internet connection cannot be affected by outside parties and quality can be guaranteed.

      The need for connectivity

      Why Good Connectivity Is Vital

      Internal Communications
      • Teams stop communicating if it becomes anything less than effortless
      • Operations will run far less smoothly if staff don’t have the ability to retrieve information instantly
      External Communications
      • Having a clear line is vital for customer/client calls
      • Getting in touch with a client within a certain time frame could be crucial
      • Missing incoming calls and emails is not an option
      Staff Demotivation

      Staff are often motivated by their own ability to be good at their job. By taking away the tools to allow them to do this, it can be common for staff to become frustrated with work and generally demotivated.


      Missing Incoming News And Info

      Part of being a successful organisation is being reactive to current affairs. This may be industry news or general news such as the death of a public figure or the announcement of a new law. No matter what the situation, there is always a risk of being untimely or insensitive without knowing all current news.

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      Connectivity Management With Akita

      Internet connectivity is not a simple process. Installation takes hours of management and will require the time and effort of a number of key people in your organisation.

      On the other hand, Akita could manage the entire process for you, providing consultancy to uncover which would be the most appropriate setup for your organisation and then managing and overseeing the whole installation process.

      We’ll even prepare your internal infrastructure and setup for your new connection ahead of completion, to make sure you’re ready to benefit as soon as it goes live.

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