shape the direction of your IT with VCTO service

      Virtual CTO Consulting Services

      Discover the ways that embracing a ‘CTO as a service’ solution could improve your business functions

      Accelerating Technology Success With Akita’s CTO Expertise

      Akita’s virtual CTO consulting services provide businesses with flexible access to technology strategy and best practice guidance from a team of senior technology consultants.

      Virtual CTO consulting offers cost-effective, scalable, and on-demand access to CTO-level expertise, empowering businesses to make informed technology decisions and stay competitive. With Virtual CTO Consulting, technological success is within reach, regardless of your organisation’s size or industry.

      Our consultants help align business goals with the right technology. They assess your IT landscape, identify areas for improvement, develop a tailored technology roadmap, and oversee implementation. Additionally, they provide ongoing guidance, ensuring your technology investments align with long-term objectives.

      Whether you’re a startup needing technical leadership or an established company optimising your technology infrastructure, our virtual CTO service can provide the required strategic guidance for growth.

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      What Is The Role OF A CTO?

      A chief technology officer (CTO) typically leads the strategy around the development of an organisation’s technology. This covers an organisation’s hardware, software and security, as well as the ongoing development of systems and adoption of new technologies.

      Approaching technology growth can be difficult. Getting advice from non-technical people within your organisation can give skewed results, as each individual will have different motivators and preferences. And in smaller organisations, where it’s common for IT managers to take on this role, there often isn’t the right experience to make fully-informed decisions.

      This is where a CTO figure is vital to provide impartial experience on what you require and how to execute changes in a scalable way according to your growth.

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      Why Adopt Virtual CTO Services?

      A CTO is typically a highly-experienced IT professional. And their salary will typically reflect that.

      For smaller organisations, there isn’t really a budgetary option for this. But without this role, organisations (notably fast-growing start-ups) can make costly mistakes in their IT development’

      With this in mind, our virtual CTO services offer all the experienced advice of an in-house CTO but on a per-project or ad hoc frequency.

      Depending on the requirement, Akita’s consultants will take the time to understand every aspect of your company and your operational goals to guide you to the right recommendations.

      So you can utilise our expertise as you want it for as long as you need it.

      About Akita’s Virtual CTO Consultancy Services

      Discover the ways that a Virtual CTO service could assist your organisation:

      Cloud Adoption & Expansion

      Advice on migrating systems to the cloud, or expanding hosted tenants.

      IT Infrastructure

      Audits and guidance around your infrastructure with advice on development and growth.

      Cyber Security

      Advice on all areas of IT security, from systems to policies.

      Data Management & GDPR

      Experienced advice on best practices for data management.

      Business Transformation

      Assessment of your organisational processes and recommendations on strategic or technological improvements.

      Hardware Management

      Strategy around your hardware provision and management.

      Benefits Of A Virtual CTO Service

      Expertise: In-depth knowledge of technology from years of experience – with access to Akita’s wider expertise as needed.

      Strategic Guidance: Deliver advice on proven paths to success and efficiency with technology.

      Risk Mitigation: Can stop organisations from making the wrong investments and identify potential barriers to growth.

      Cost-effective: All of the benefits of a CTO – without the cost of a fulltime salary.

      Project Management: Can oversee the delivery of projects with Akita or third parties on your behalf.

      Independence: Our consultants are solution-agnostic and sit external to internal politics and agendas – so you get the right choice rather than a preferred choice.

      Flexible: Utilise our services as and when it suits your organisation’s agenda.


      How We Work

      Read about how our VCTO audit services supported the needs of a customer in the construction indusry:

      Virtual CTO

      Expert Technology Consultancy

      As a leading managed IT company we support organisations across London and the South East, plus their wider satellite offices located throughout the UK and internationally.

      Operating for over 25 years, our guidance has helped organisations of all sizes to scale their IT systems, from cyber security to cloud infrastructure to business applications. We’ve also helped shape their IT processes in line with working developments, new legislation and best practices.

      We’re professionally qualified as an organisation, with ISO 9001 and 27001 as well as Cyber Essentials assessor status. And we’re technically accredited too: we’re a Microsoft Gold partner and hold Mac Technician status to name just two of our qualifications.

      shape the direction of your IT with VCTO service
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