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      Microsoft 365 Licensing

      Licensing and support for Microsoft 365 applications and Azure cloud solutions directly from Akita
      microsoft licensing

      Modern Work & Business Licensing Made Simple

      Simplify Microsoft licensing and achieve maximum service and value with Akita

      As a leading Microsoft partner, Akita can provide organisations with Microsoft’s full range of licensing.

      From commonly used business Microsoft 365 licensing to advanced Azure and Dynamics 365 requirements, we can meet all of an organisation’s needs and deliver licensing at the same cost as buying directly from Microsoft.

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      Microsoft 365 Licensing Services

      Accessing The Full Width Of Microsoft 365

      Microsoft applications are a vital part of business working. Working with Akita, we can ensure your organisation gets what it needs – plus extra at no additional cost.

      Where once organisations would purchase a single perpetual Microsoft Office licence that covered their business application needs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc), there are now a myriad of licence subscriptions available covering business, enterprise, non-profit and education requirements.

      Under each of these areas, there’s a range of licences available, each providing access to different features and applications. So it can be valuable (and cost-effective) to work with a partner like Akita to help navigate the offerings.

      Plus with our in-house expertise we can help your organisation to unlock the benefits of applications that you have as part of your licence but may not be using: Teams, SharePoint or Intune to name a few.

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      Common Microsoft 365 Licensing

      Most organisational requirements can be met by the following licence types:

      Microsoft 365 Business

      Ideal for everyday business requirements, Microsoft 365 Business is offered as Basic, Standard and Premium depending on the depth of features required, and whether users need copies of applications on their desktop or are happy working from the cloud.

      Microsoft 365 Enterprise

      Designed for larger organisations, these Microsoft 365 licences (E3/E5/F1) offer a more complete set of applications, including cross-organisation communications solutions such as SharePoint and Yammer, as well as advanced work management solutions such as Power Apps and Power Automate.

      Windows Server

      The most commonly-used solution for servers, licensing can support either an on-premise, cloud or hybrid requirement. We can provide Windows Server either as a perpetual licence (with a one off cost) or as a monthly SPLA offering.

      Azure Licensing

      Azure is Microsoft's scalable and multi-faceted cloud environment. We can assist organisations with the right subscriptions for features including Active Directory and security elements. We can also help manage their data consumption, virtual machine configurations and databases.

      At the same time, organisations should be aware of new offerings on the horizon. Microsoft Modern Workplace and Windows 365 Cloud PC are both offerings tailored to new working practices, so could be future fixtures in your organisations.

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      Get More From Your Licensing

      Maximising Microsoft 365

      Do you know all the applications that are available through your Microsoft 365? Download our guide on how organisations can find new functionality and benefit:

      Microsoft Charity Licensing

      Akita is also a specialist in supporting charity and non-profit organisations with their Microsoft licensing services.

      We understand the financial constraints and operational challenges that charities face. As such we work to leverage the often significant discounts and offers available for Microsoft products.

      From Office 365 to Azure, our licensing solutions ensure you have access to the latest technology, enabling your team to work efficiently and effectively. Meanwhile, the non-profit accelerator can help charities go further with business applications faster and at a lower cost point.

      Our expert team will provide comprehensive lincesing support for your charity, taking the complexity out of your IT licensing while minimising costs.

      technical account management

      Microsoft 365 Licensing Services

      Licence Management Services

      Our services go beyond simply transacting Microsoft licences.

      We can assist with ongoing Microsoft licensing management, helping you to assign new resources and reassign existing resources based on changes within your organisation (joiners and leavers for example).

      We’ll also notify you when licences are due for renewal to ensure they’re still required, removing as necessary

      Our experts will also help you to maximise the use of your existing licences, ensuring you’re aware of and using all of the features that you have access to.

      Saving Money On Your Microsoft 365 Licensing

      Microsoft Licence Audits & Optimisation

      We can also help organisations achieve better value from their Microsoft licensing.

      Through an audit of your existing licensing, we’ll establish what you really need against what you have. For example,  you could be using Microsoft 365 E3 licences across your organisation, but half of your team only need Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This simple change could save your organisation over £150 per year per person.

      As a partner, we also receive offers directly from Microsoft not available to the public. So if there’s a promotion available that could benefit your organisation, we’ll be sure to pass the savings on. And we can access charity and non-profit licensing for applicable organisations.

      We can also work with organisations to manage changing requirements. Whether you’re looking to implement SharePoint across your organisation, adopt advanced security requirements or utilise Window’s virtual desktop, we can assist you in getting the licensing you need.

      Schedule A Microsoft Licence Audit

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      Microsoft Cloud Services

      Microsoft Azure Licensing

      Akita is increasingly supporting organisations with their Microsoft Azure licensing requirements as well.

      Azure is perhaps Microsoft’s most complex service to license due to the wide range of optionality depending on the intended function. So whether new to Microsoft’s cloud hosting or looking for someone to support your onward journey, it can pay to work with a partner who understands Azure licensing.

      As a pioneer of business cloud solutions, Akita has the technical cloud knowledge to help organisations achieve their end goals with Azure. We can then set about licensing your Azure tenant to maximise the value you get out of it while keeping your spending as low as possible.

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      microsoft gold partner

      Microsoft 365 Licensing Services

      Trusted Microsoft Partner

      Our Microsoft Gold Partner status is a validation of our technical expertise. The status is in part established through rigorous and industry-recognised exams that cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions.

      Our Gold Partner certification also recognises the number of new users Akita brings on-board to Microsoft 365 each year. So you can be sure we have both the scale and expertise to support your needs.

      Microsoft Support

      Premier Support For Microsoft Applications

      Akita’s Microsoft partner status also makes us the ideal IT support provider.

      Through our relationship, we gain access to Premier Support – direct communication with Microsoft to resolve any bugs or issues relating with their applications that organisations may encounter.

      So if your organisation relies on Microsoft applications, why not choose an IT support partner who can resolve Microsoft issues quickly if they arise?

      microsoft 365 licensing
      MIcrosoft Licensing Services UK

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