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      Benefits Of Microsoft Azure For Business

      Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform with over 200 products and cloud services that allow you to build, deploy, and manage applications without owning the underlying infrastructure. Microsoft leveraged its ever-expanding worldwide network of data centres to create Azure, so it perfectly complements an organisation’s existing Microsoft infrastructure. Understand the benefits of Microsoft Azure for your business:

      1) Perfect for both small and established businesses

      Azure is designed for easy scaling, with its pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for the storage that you need. You can scale up and down depending on your storage requirements, website traffic or wider IT demands, making it ideal for growing businesses. Azure also allows you to launch and store internal and external applications in the cloud, which helps save on IT hardware and maintenance costs.

      2) Complements and expands your current IT infrastructure

      Microsoft Azure has full integration and compatibility with many applications that your organisation already uses. This includes Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and more. It can be deployed anywhere and it helps facilitate digital transformation within your company. Its automatic software updates also mean organisations benefit from the latest Microsoft Azure version in real-time. This enables you to test and build the newest applications much faster.

      azure services

      Azure can allow you to develop advanced solutions faster

      3) Security, compliance, and disaster recovery

      One of the major benefits of Microsoft Azure is the platform’s security and is arguably one of the safest ways you can store your data. Its single sign-off feature helps eliminate password security problems by offering secure and seamless logins. It also has the full weight of Microsoft 365’s security measures behind it. Azure has numerous compliance certifications, making it the first choice for high-risk industries. In case of a security breach, Azure’s sophisticated disaster recovery abilities are able to recover lost data in a matter of hours, further addressing your business’s security needs.

      4) Industry-specific applications

      Azure acknowledges the sensitive nature of industries such as health care, finance, manufacturing and others. As such it has designed specific applications to address their unique needs. These include specialised security functions, modernised customer apps, offline cloud services, simplified compliance, Internet-of-things connectivity and more. Having pre-developed cloud functionality for these industries is therefore one of the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

      5) Leading the way with infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

      Azure’s hybrid cloud environment gives businesses the option to run from the cloud with ease.

      For organisations looking for an efficient and secure way to develop an advanced cloud setup, Azure licensing is the ideal IaaS solution.

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