Azure Files

      What Is Microsoft Azure Files ?

      Azure Files is a Microsoft service that provides cloud-based file sharing via both Server Message Block (SMB) and Network File System (NFS) protocols. This means Microsoft’s cloud can fully manage your files while leaving them accessible via file-directory storage. As providers of Microsoft Azure consultancy, we’ve outlined the benefits of Azure File below.

      A Robust Cloud Solution

      With any cloud storage medium, organisations can save space and money. People working from home can also work as if they’re in the office. Cloud services are also highly beneficial to a productive and efficient workplace – Azure Files is no exception to this rule.

      When it comes to switching to cloud storage, a common concern is that it relies on the availability of the network. This isn’t the case with Azure Files. Highly robust and available, local power outages and network issues are no longer an issue when it comes to the availability of your files.

      Storage integration across multiple protocols

      As mentioned above, you can access the Azure Files storage through an SMB or NFS protocol. The former is a standard way for devices on the same server to connect, commonly used for office printing and generally to read or write files across a network.

      NFS lets users access files as if they were on their hard drive, with the network directory appearing as a local one. Azure Files benefits from both of these formats and can hybridise them where necessary or as desired.

      Save Time With Azure Files

      Azure Files can help businesses with new cloud projects thanks to a wide array of special features; they are a convenient space for crash dumps and other diagnostic information, for example. In addition, debug tools can be offered natively without the need to manually install them onto each virtual machine.

      Outside of this context, there are still a lot of conveniences generated by Azure Files; any Azure application can use the traditional system I/O programming interface which helps developers have more flexibility with their coding.

      Furthermore, you never have to worry about time-consuming updates or drive replacements – Azure Files can take care of updates remotely without the need for hardware, a central tenet of cloud computing.

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