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      IT procurement is an important aspect of running an organisation, and doing it correctly can be the difference between failure and success. Anyone can spend time scouring the internet finding the cheapest prices, but Akita’s IT procurement service does far more.

      We ensure our customers have everything they need for success on their IT shopping lists, guarantee the equipment they buy fits with their organisation and has all the capabilities they need, and also make sure they’re covered in terms of warranties.

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      IT Procurement Services

      The Value Of Quality IT Procurement Services

      Sourcing new IT equipment or software can be a bewildering, time-consuming process. How can you be sure that your IT hardware and infrastructure investment is going to fit the bill and provide value for money?

      Akita simplifies the process of IT procurement for its customers to ensure they get the right software and equipment for their individual organisational goals.

      We provide the best options based on budget and requirements, meaning our customers get reliable solutions that last.

      Quality IT procurement services

      We have a dedicated IT hardware procurement team on hand to assist organisations in purchasing:

      ready to go solutions

      Enterprise IT Procurement Partner


      For organisations planning on kitting out a new office or renewing significant amounts of hardware or software, our IT consultancy service can help get the best value for money.

      We’ll assess a business model and plans for growth, review the full requirements, then recommend the best options for each individual case.

      We’re often able to secure significant discounts for our customers through our relationships with suppliers, just let us know what you need and we’ll work to get you the best deal.

      IT Procurement partner london
      Savings On PCs, Devices & Servers

      Big Tax Savings On IT Hardware

      Full Expensing announced by the UK Government allows taxpayers to deduct 100% of the cost of IT hardware from their profits before tax. Get in touch with our procurement department to arrange your order:

      Fully Managed IT Hardware Procurement

      Rolling IT Hardware Management Service

      Akita offers a rolling hardware management service to help you keep up with workstation and infrastructure renewal.

      Based on a life cycle of your organisation’s choosing (often aligned to warranties), we’ll stay ahead of hardware redundancies by managing, quoting and supplying hardware in a way that minimises disruption to your business.

      Our hardware management also includes a performance assessment at the mid-point of each hardware cycle. Scheduled at the convenience of the user, we’ll run stress testing on your CPU and test hard disks to ensure performance is not degrading prematurely.

      Whatever the requirement, Akita can both source and manage warranties, always ensuring you’re aware of when they’re due to run out.

      IT Procurement Services

      Removing The Hassle Of New Hardware & Software


      As part of our IT procurement service, we can also set up new machines ready for users.

      Whether that’s just running through setup procedures, installing new software on servers, or creating advanced user profiles, we take the hassle out of new hardware and software.

      Akita also ensures its customers’ IT networks are fully looked after, both in terms of hardware and software.

      Not only do we make sure they’re compliant with software licensing, but also that they’re able to accurately budget for future expenditures based on a clear IT asset management plan.

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      Prepare For The Worst

      IT Warranty Management

      As well as IT procurement, we also supply organisations with warranties for their equipment.

      For the purposes of longevity and value, all hardware is supplied with the manufacturer’s maximum available warranty per item.

      Typically, this would be three years for a workstation and five years for a server and other infrastructure hardware.

      Trusted Procurement Partner

      Benefits Of IT Procurement With Akita

      As a long-standing IT managed service provider, Akita is highly experienced in assisting organisations in acquiring the optimal IT hardware and software tailored to their specific needs.

      Initially, we conduct a comprehensive consultancy to identify what organisations truly require, taking into account both their current circumstances and future growth projections. Following this, we supply the necessary equipment and software, meticulously monitoring each device and program to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.

      Partnering with Akita for procurement alleviates any concerns associated with hardware and software management. For instance, when onboarding a new team member, Akita ensures that all their IT supplies are pre-configured and ready for use upon their arrival, streamlining the process and enhancing productivity from day one.

      This proactive approach not only saves time but also ensures a seamless integration of new personnel into your organisation, allowing you to focus on your core business activities without the hassle of IT logistics.

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