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      Safeguard your organisation against cyber threats and proactively mitigate IT risks with Akita’s comprehensive cyber security audit services.

      A single instance of a data breach can result in severe financial losses, tarnished reputation, and regulatory penalties. Our consultants specialise in conducting thorough network security audits, evaluating your systems, devices and software, while also ensuring the appropriate business IT policies and procedures are in place.

      Operating across London and the South East for over 25 years, we’ve guided organisations ranging from SMB to enterprise in size to fortify their cyber security defences, protecting their operations and delivering peace of mind.

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      Cyber Security Audit Services

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      Maintaining IT security is an ongoing battle, so with new viruses and threats emerging all the time, no organisation can afford to be complacent.

      But IT security is about much more than simply checking that hardware, software and systems are secure (though this is important). Information from the ICO indicates that as many as 88% of UK data breaches are caused by human error. As such, when it comes to reviewing IT security, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach.

      While in-house IT staff will offer a perspective on IT security, they are unlikely to have the experience of working on cyber security for hundreds of companies day-in, day-out.

      This is why Akita’s customisable audit service is valuable for examining all the ways that an organisation interacts with its IT.

      Cyber Security Audit Services London & UK


      Our cyber security audits are undertaken by our experienced consultants and tailored to your organisation and its needs.

      We’ll assess variables ranging from industry profile to hardware configuration in our approach. And we’ll be happy to tailor our audits to specific security concerns.

      When a general IT security audit is desired, we cover the following areas:


      Assessment of your workstations, servers, network equipment and mobile devices.

      Antivirus & Anti-Ransomware

      Are antivirus and anti-ransomware measures in place? Are they proportionate to the risk profile? Are they up to date?


      What software and internet browsers are used by the organisation? Are they up to date?

      Infrastructure & Network Security

      Which network ports are configured open? Do these have sufficient security protocols ports configured?

      Password Protection Policies

      Are there measures in place? Are password suitably complex? Are password lockout procedures in place?

      Multi-Factor Authentication

      Does the organisation use multi-factor authentication? Where should it be applied?

      AutoRun Review

      Are external devices configured to run automatically? Do workstations allow use of external drives?

      Cyber Security Audit Case Study

      Our cyber security audit assisted a leading London removals company to gain their Cyber Essentials accreditation:

      network security audits London, UK
      Fully accredited Cyber Essentials assessor

      Cyber Essentials & Plus

      Discover the benefits of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

      Find out how we can assist with passing the accreditation:
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      Types Of Cyber Security Assessments

      The following advanced cyber security assessments methods are also available at additional cost:

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      Conducting A Cyber Security Audit


      Organisations should regularly review their cyber security, particularly after the following triggers:

      • Following significant changes to systems or the addition of new software
      • After taking on new staff
      • On review of HR policies
      • After an office move
      • Following a business merger or acquisition

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      Cyber Security Audit FAQ

      What Are The Components Of A Cyber Security Audit?

      Our audit services are tailored to an organisation’s needs but will broadly align to auditing the IT estate, conducting a risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities and making recommendations.
      These will span any and all of IT infrastructure, hardware, software as well as cloud instances. We’ll also assess that policies and procedures are in place and comply with relevant regulations.

      What Technologies Are Used In Cyber Security Audits?

      Technologies used are dependent on the audit requirements but may include internal and/or external penetration testing software, Microsoft 365 tenant security reports and wider IT infrastructure stress testing solutions. However, the expertise of the cyber security consultant remains the most valuable part.

      What Are The Recommended Steps To Prepare For A Cyber Security Audit?

      While it can be undertaken as part of a cyber security audit, an organisation should try and have all of its relevant documentation, policies and incident response plans accessible. A user list, infrastructure map and hardware/software list are also useful but can form part of the audit process.

      What Will The Key Findings And Recommendations Be After An Audit?

      Findings will be delivered as a report, typically spanning technical, documentation and procedural recommendations. We’ll report on gaps or vulnerabilities in each of these areas with guidance on the severity of each issue. Advice will be given on recommended improvements and the best way to implement them.

      What Are The Challenges In Conducting A Cyber Security Audit?

      Resource and cooperation are typically the biggest barriers. If an organisation wants an cyber security audit, it needs to ensure the right people are ready to commit the time to doing it.
      Equally, these people need to be prepared to cooperate: it can be humbling to find security issues and policy gaps (particularly if you have internal IT staff). But the value of a cyber security audit is finding these before someone malicious does. Any audit should therefore be undertaken with an open mind and without a culture of blame.

      Cyber Security audits


      Our network security audits offer a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s security infrastructure and any potential security risks. Separate to our broader cyber security audit services, our network security audit services focus mainly on hardware, software, policies, and procedures relating to networks.

      As part of a network security audit,  our security consultants will use a variety of techniques to identify weaknesses in the network, including penetration testing and security assessments. They will also examine firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and other network devices to ensure that they are configured correctly and have the latest security patches installed.

      Our network security audit services can provide organisations with a clear understanding of their current security status, and help them to identify areas that need improvement. For more information please get in touch:

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      Cyber Security Services London & UK

      Ongoing Cyber Security Support

      Upon completion of our audit, Akita produces a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings across all areas under scrutiny. This report serves to establish the severity of the risks uncovered, and outlines the recommended improvements necessary to mitigate those risks within your systems and processes.

      Should you require assistance in addressing the identified security risks, Akita can provide additional support to deploy solutions. This support may include a range of services such as configuration, hardware or software upgrades, advice on staff training, implementation of policies, and completion of programs such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

      Our team of experts are highly trained and experienced in implementing security measures, and we are committed to helping you improve your security posture. We understand that security risks are constantly evolving, and as such, our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

      Cyber security audit services

      About Akita

      Leading UK Cyber Security Partner

      We’re a leading managed IT provider, delivering professional IT services to medium and large organisations across London and the wider South East.

      Cyber security is at the core of the work we do. So we’ve built up a team of security specialists to support this, including Cyber Essentials assessors and penetration testing experts.

      With a more than 25-year history of supporting organisations, we’ve worked with practically every industry and seen the widest range of IT configurations. So our experts will have a good understanding of your technical, industry and regulatory requirements without further guidance.

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      Cyber Security Audit Services London & UK

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