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      Cyber Security Consultation

      Assessment, guidance and assurance from leading cyber security consultants

      Expert Cyber Security Assistance

      Akita is a leading provider of cyber security consultancy services. We work with public and private sector organisation to proactively improve defences and reduce risk profiles.

      As technology continues to advance and threats grow in both complexity and consistency, the need for expert guidance and proactive defence strategies has never been more critical.

      With a deep understanding of the threats and operational challenges facing UK organisations, Akita’s cyber security consultants are expertly accredited and positioned to help safeguard your organisation.

      More than just response to threats, we’re anticipate them, mitigate them, and put measures in place to prevent them. With tailored cyber security solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

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      What Is Cyber Security Consultancy?

      Our cyber security consultancy takes a holistic approach, its scope extends beyond merely implementing security measures. It involves in-depth analysis, risk assessments, compliance evaluations, and the formulation of proactive measures to address potential vulnerabilities.

      By leveraging industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies, our consultants help businesses develop their cyber security strategy to stay ahead of emerging threats and regulatory requirements.

      Rather than reacting to security incidents as they occur, our experts focus on proactive planning and risk management to align security initiatives with business objectives.

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      Why Cyber Security Consultancy Is Crucial For Your Business

      Organisations face a constant risk of being affected by cyber threats that jeopardise their operations, reputation, and bottom line. From ransomware attacks to data breaches, the consequences of a security breach can be devastating. Delivering cyber security consultancy in London and the wider UK to organisations of all sizes, we’ll work to reduce your risk profile.

      Our cyber security consultancy provides a proactive defence by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures to prevent and mitigate attacks.

      One of the primary functions of cyber security consultancy is to safeguard data. Protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access is paramount for modern organisations. As such, our consultants work vigilantly to assess data security posture, identify potential weaknesses, and implement encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention measures to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

      Our consultants also assist with understanding compliance obligations and implementing policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

      Akita’s Cyber Security Consultancy Approach

      Our cyber security consultancy is bespoke to requirements and business risk profile. Depending on the needs of the organisation, our approach will typically encompass four phases:

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      Gap Analysis

      Our baseline of assessment of your cyber security will include actions such as assessing networks, systems, applications, and data to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Through additional measures such as penetration testing and vulnerability scanning (as desired), and other assessment techniques, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your current security posture.

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      Strategy Development

      Based on findings our team of experts will then work closely with your organisation to develop a customised cyber security strategy based on our findings. This strategy considers operational objectives, risk profile, and compliance requirements. We prioritise security initiatives based on their potential impact and feasibility, ensuring you tackle priorities. We’ll also breakdown technology and procedural measures so you can assess where process can shape security.

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      Remediation & Implementation

      Following consultation and with a clear strategy in place, we proceed to remediate any identified vulnerabilities and implement any necessary security controls. This may involve strengthening access controls, implementing encryption, or deploying additional protection solutions. We’ll break down measures that can potentially be carried out by your team. And provide more information about how we can complete your requirements: from deploying security measures to reformulating internal policies.

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      Ongoing Management & Support

      Cyber security doesn’t stand still - and neither does your organisation. So we offer ongoing consultancy services and banked time to provide advice and periodic checks on your IT security and ensure it remains fit for purpose – both in terms of scope and configuration. And should it be required, we can also provide 24/7 system monitoring courtesy of our NOC team to monitor potential threats within your IT systems.

      Cyber Security Accreditations

      See more about our cyber security and wider accreditations:

      cyber essentials plus
      Crown Commercial Service Supplier
      microsoft gold partner
      cyber essential assessor
      ISO 9001
      ISO 27001
      sophos partner

      Our Services Within Cyber Security Consultancy

      With in-house experts in a broad range of security areas, we can provide an offering that’s tailored to your needs. Common areas of interest include:

      Network Security: With networks becoming increasingly more complicated, a full assessment of network security ensures that an organisation has full safeguarding around its infrastructure. Our consultants can assess vulnerabilities, design, and settings for key items such as firewalls. Additionally, we can also offer monitoring and updating to continually protect against threats.

      Threat Assessment: Our experts can proactively identify potential risks and vulnerabilities within an organisation’s IT setup and environment. Using advanced tools, proven methodologies and experience, they can detect and analyse cyber threats to help mitigate risks that could become security breaches.

      Cloud Technologies: With the prevalence of cloud computing, our specialists in cloud security can offer value in assessing your infrastructure for risk. From reviewing security measures to implementing access controls, they’ll assure your cloud or hybrid setup is fully protected.

      User Security Awareness: Employees remain the biggest risk factor in any cyber security setup. Our security consultants can work with you on a range of measures to improve security awareness within your organisation, including measures such as simulated phishing attacks to improve knowledge and increase vigilance.

      Security Policies: Effective security policies and procedures are fundamental to a robust cyber security strategy. Our consultants can draft tailored guidelines to meet your needs, ensuring best practice and compliance. Additionally, they can also conduct cyber security awareness training, and regularly review policies in line with your evolving profile, new threats, and wider regulations.

      In-House Cyber Essentials Assessors: Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme in the UK that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to cyber security. With help from our in-house assessors, we can guide organisation through the certification process – or simply elevate your IT security up to this standard.


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      Cyber Security Expertise And Experience

      Our team of cyber security experts brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry certifications to every project we undertake. With a proven track record of delivering successful consultancy projects across London and the UK, we stand as a trusted partner in safeguarding businesses against cyber threats.

      Our team holds a range of industry-leading security certifications, including CompTIA Security+, SC-900 Microsoft Security, SC-300 Microsoft Security and Cyber Essentials Assessor.

      With years of experience providing cyber security solutions, we’ve worked with organisations of all sizes and across various sectors, from finance and healthcare to manufacturing and retail.

      One organisation we’ve worked with is an industry trade body who came to us after experiencing a breach in their systems. Our consultancy covered a variety of angles from which to tackle their issues, starting with our investigation, followed by a cloud review, an Intune deployment and finally a Microsoft Defender Rollout.

      As a result of our investigation, remediations and consultancy service as a whole, we significantly strengthened their defence against external threats. Coupled with regular user awareness training and a proactive security maintenance plan, the organisation now has piece of mind that they have effective measures in place for protection.

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      Wider Cyber Security Services

      Akita is a leading managed service provider. Beyond cyber security consulting, we deliver a broad range of IT security solutions to meet the challenges of a broad range of organisations. To discuss more please get in touch:

      • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
      • In-house Cyber Essentials Assessors
      • Assessment Of Systems & Policies
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      Cyber Essentials & Plus Assessments

      Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certifications are UK government-backed standards for cyber security measures and awareness. These Cyber certifications assess that adequate measures are in place to protect business systems and data.

      Many industries now require Cyber Essentials as part of doing business, and it’s an increasingly common requirement of some types of business insurance. Having the Cyber Essentials certification can also be appealing for customers to know your organisation (and their data) is secure. And it’s also a requirement of local and national Government tendering.

      As a certified testing organisation for Cyber Essentials, Akita can both prepare and certify organisations for Cyber Essentials. We can also undertake all necessary preparations for Cyber Essentials Plus.

      Both certifications can be achieved either as a one-off consultancy project or as part of our managed cyber security consultancy service.


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