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      Assessment, guidance and assurance from leading cyber security consultants

      Proactively Defend Your Organisation From Cyber Threats With Our Expert Guidance

      Akita is one of the leading cyber security consultancies serving London and the South East. Work with us as an expert security partner to secure your organisations against a wide range of threats as a one-time requirement or as an ongoing managed Cyber security consultancy service.

      We’ll also help establish the required policy and regulatory frameworks to satisfy industry regulations, insurance and your customers of your cyber security credentials.

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      Certified Cyber Security Consultancy Partner

      Akita is a leading cyber security consultancy London and South East-based organisations rely on to protect their systems and users.

      We’ve supported hundreds of organisations spanning practically every industry with their cyber security service requirements. As such, we’re adept at delivering solutions to meet your requirements and risk profile.

      What Areas Do Our Cyber Security Consultancy Services Cover?

      With in-house experts in a broad range of security areas, we can provide an offering that’s tailored to your needs. Common areas of interest include:

      Network Security: With networks becoming increasingly more complicated, a full assessment of network security ensures that an organisation has full safeguarding around its infrastructure. Our consultants can assess vulnerabilities, design, and settings for key items such as firewalls. Additionally, we can also offer monitoring and updating to continually protect against threats.

      Threat Assessment: Our experts can proactively identify potential risks and vulnerabilities within an organisation’s IT setup and environment. Using advanced tools, proven methodologies and experience, they can detect and analyse cyber threats to help mitigate risks that could become security breaches.

      Cloud Technologies: With the prevalence of cloud computing, our specialists in cloud security can offer value in assessing your infrastructure for risk. From reviewing security measures to implementing access controls, they’ll assure your cloud or hybrid setup is fully protected.

      Security Policies: Effective security policies and procedures are fundamental to a robust cyber security strategy. Our consultants can draft tailored guidelines to meet your needs, ensuring best practice and compliance. Additionally, they can also conduct cyber security awareness training, and regularly review policies in line with your evolving profile, new threats, and wider regulations.

      In-House Cyber Essentials Assessors: Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme in the UK that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to cyber security. With help from our in-house assessors, we can guide organisation through the certification process – or simply help you to bring your security standard up to this level.


      Benefits Of Cyber Security Consultancy For Your Business

      Our cyber security consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of organisations. Here are some of the most common objectives:

      managed anti-ransomware solutions
      Threat Detection

      Cyber consultants can provide establish and implement methods for monitoring your network security to detect suspicious activity and neutralise potential threats or attacks from both internal and external sources.

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      Risk Assessment

      Get ahead of the potential risks in your systems and operations. Our cyber security consultants conduct a thorough analysis of systems and processes to identify potential vulnerabilities. Information can then be used to develop a comprehensive plan to minimise risk.

      Switching IT Support
      Response Planning

      In the event of a cyber attack or wider disaster, incident response and disaster recovery plans can minimise damage and reduce business downtime. Our cyber security consultants help create and implement plans tailored to organisations’ IT setups and wider situations

      cyber seurity consultants compliance

      Industry-specific regulations around security and data protection are becoming increasingly common; non-compliance can be a barrier to trade or even carry fines. We help organisations to gain and maintain compliance, avoiding penalties and creating new business opportunities.

      Cyber Security Accreditations

      See more about our cyber security and wider accreditations:

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      Crown Commercial Service Supplier
      microsoft gold partner
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      ISO 9001
      ISO 27001
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       Common Goals Of Cyber Security Consultancy

      We work with organisations right across London and the South East. While some require general security consultancy, others have specific cyber security goals in mind. Below are some of those common goals that we’re able to support:

      Cyber Consultancy Services For Compliance 

      Cyber Security Audits & Scanning

      User Awareness Training

      *Additional licensing and accreditation costs apply


      IT Security Policies & Documentations

      Documentation is often overlooked when it comes to cyber security preparedness. But even the best cyber security strategy can come apart without the right security policies behind it.

      We typically help organisations to develop their security documentation to satisfy industry requirements, insurance policies or specific accreditations such as Cyber Essentials. Common requirements include IT joiners/leavers policies, disaster recovery frameworks, and broader Cyber Security Policies.

      For organisations preparing for rapid growth, we can help put the internal security policies and frameworks in place that follow the best practices of organisations double or triple the size. In this way, your policies stay ahead of the pace of your internal security –  preventing headaches along the way.

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      What’s The Value Of Our Cyber Security Consulting?

      With the increasing use of digital technologies and AI, the risk of cyber attacks is increasing. 31% of UK businesses believe they are now being targeted on at least a weekly basis. And for medium and large businesses, the average cost of an effective attack is close to £20,000.

      Cyber security consultancy provides organisations with the necessary expertise and resources needed to effectively manage cyber risks and protect against cyber threats. This can ultimately help prevent financial losses, damage to reputation, and other negative consequences of a cybersecurity breach.

      By assessing organisations’ security, our cyber security consultants are able to identify and mitigate risks, helping to protect sensitive data and information and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

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      Wider Cyber Security Services

      Akita is a leading managed service provider. Beyond cyber security consulting, we deliver a broad range of IT security solutions to meet the challenges of a broad range of organisations. To discuss more please get in touch:

      • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
      • In-house Cyber Essentials Assessors
      • Assessment Of Systems & Policies
      Cyber Essentials Changes

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      Cyber Essentials & Plus Assessments

      Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certifications are UK government-backed standards for cyber security measures and awareness. These Cyber certifications assess that adequate measures are in place to protect business systems and data.

      Many industries now require Cyber Essentials as part of doing business, and it’s an increasingly common requirement of some types of business insurance. Having the Cyber Essentials certification can also be appealing for customers to know your organisation (and their data) is secure. And it’s also a requirement of local and national Government tendering.

      As a certified testing organisation for Cyber Essentials, Akita can both prepare and certify organisations for Cyber Essentials. We can also undertake all necessary preparations for Cyber Essentials Plus.

      Both certifications can be achieved either as a one-off consultancy project or as part of our managed cyber security consultancy service.


      cyber security consultancy services
      cyber security consultancy Services London & UK

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