NOC Services

      NOC Services

      Advanced Network Operations Centre (NOC) management and monitoring services 

      Managing IT Ecosystems At Scale

      Outsource the care of your IT systems and devices to an expert remote IT partner and ensure 24/7 protection.

      Akita’s advanced NOC services can care for your complete IT setup including all cloud and onsite servers, wider physical and hosted infrastructure, devices and more.

      Plus, with a large expert team of IT engineers and specialists on hand to resolve outstanding issues, we ensure the highest levels of uptime and complete peace of mind.

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      About NOC As A Service

      Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a centralised team of IT experts delivering remote care for a wide variety of IT infrastructure systems, hardware, and backup services.

      Utilising industry-leading, AI-powered technology, Akita’s team delivers 24/7 monitoring of IT ecosystems. As issues are detected, auto-patching and self-healing technologies deploy automatically to remedy faults and restore system integrity without the need for user intervention.

      Should automation fail to address the issue, a support request is created automatically for our NOC engineers to address it in line with strict support SLAs.

      Features Of Akita’s NOC Services

      • Proactive Monitoring: Through continuous surveillance of an organisation’s IT setup, we detect potential IT issues before they escalate. Analysing key metrics in real-time, our NOC engineers help to prevent downtime, optimise performance and enhance system reliability.
      • Automated Issue Identification: Leveraging automated technologies we ensure critical issues are identified quickly, allowing our NOC and infrastructure teams to take the necessary measures to stop problems and minimise disruption to operations.
      NOC services
      • Alert Prioritisation: Not every issue is equally important. And when it comes to caring for systems with potentially thousands of endpoints, it’s important to know where to look first. AI-powered prioritisation ensures that our infrastructure engineers are alerted to potentially critical items first
      • Patch Management: Our automatic identification and rollout of software and system patches. All patches are tested for errors, they’re then deployed across the IT infrastructure and devices at scale.
      • Backup Monitoring: Akita’s NOC service provides automated checks to ensure backups have run as scheduled and are complete, ensuring they’re ready to go if called upon.

      Benefits Of Akita’s NOC Services

      24/7 Coverage

      Around-the-clock monitoring of systems to identify potential issues.

      Simplified Infrastructure Management

      Our network services support IT infrastructure setups to any scale or complexity.

      Improved Security

      With monitoring and alerting in place, security risks are identified quickly.

      Significantly Less Downtime

      Our NOC service stays proactively ahead of issues that could slow your operations.


      Less business downtime achieved with an outsourced service means money saved against your IT budget.

      NOC Alignment Service: Support In Person

      Our remote monitoring and support are highly effective in caring for IT setups. But we recognise there’s also value to an onsite presence.

      We therefore couple our remote NOC service with NOC alignment days for all organisations. These are periodic onsite visits by seasoned IT field engineers to assess the conditions of the physical elements of your IT setup. This includes surveys of onsite equipment as well as important peripherals, such as cabling, to ensure the ongoing integrity of systems.

      They’ll also update IT records to ensure we’ve got detailed information on your setup, allowing us to deliver effective IT support faster.

      NOC services

      Why Work With Akita For NOC Services?

      For over 25 years Akita has been a pioneer of proactive IT support. Working across London and the South East, we’ve got a long track record in actively reducing IT downtime and keeping organisations productive.

      With the power of enterprise-grade remote monitoring and management (RMM) software now at our disposal, our outsourced NOC and help desk services deliver effective proactive care faster and at a greater scale.

      Working with Akita, organisations also have access to the breadth of our market-leading managed services and consultancy.

      Plus, we can provide strategic guidance around your systems and a clear IT roadmap to ensure your technology supports your future success.

      NOC Services FAQ

      What Is The Difference Between NOC Service And A Help Desk?

      A helpdesk service and NOC service complement each other in providing complete support for an organisation. Akita’s IT help desk service primarily handles staff inquiries and support tickets. In contrast, our NOC service focuses on monitoring and managing the health, performance and security of IT infrastructure and wider network. Both are important for a complete IT solution.

      Which Organisations Can Benefit From NOC Services?

      Organisations of all sizes and industries can benefit from the proactive features of NOC services. In particular, those with complex IT infrastructures 24/7 operations or high-uptime requirements see a benefit from having Akita take care of their systems in this way.

      How Is Your NOC Service Implemented?

      Akita offers a professional onboarding service for any new customer, led by an experienced engineer. Part of this encompasses the rollout and configuration of our monitoring software. In addition, your account manager will work with you to find out any KPIs that you may want reports on as part of the outsourced NOC service delivery.

      How Does Automatic Patching Work?

      Automatic patching reduces manual effort and ensures faster patching to mitigate security risks. As organisations such as Microsoft release patches, alerts are gathered by Akita’s NOC engineers. Patches then undergo pre-testing to assess compatibility and stability, before being rolled out to a pilot group for further evaluation. Once validated, the patches are deployed across the wider IT infrastructure. This approach minimises disruption and enhances system security and reliability, while also encompassing best practices around the potential risks with automatic patching.

      Can a NOC service help improve IT infrastructure performance and security?

      Yes. By continuously monitoring network traffic, system logs and security events, Akita’s NOC services can identify performance issues, security vulnerabilities as well as potential threats. This allows for proactive measures to be taken to enhance both performance and security.

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