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      Established in 1996, Akita is a leading provider of business IT support, managed IT services and business applications.

      From our office locations in Kent, London and Surrey, we support medium and large-sized organisations across London and the South East, as well as their satellite offices throughout the wider UK and internationally.

      Award-winning and highly technically accredited, we have the IT solutions and in-house expertise to support organisations across all stages of their success.

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      Mission Statement

      Akita supports organisations of all sizes and from practically every vertical.
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      About Us


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      At Akita, our mission is to support the growth of our customers by creating lasting partnerships that deliver value and promote mutual success.

      At the heart of our approach is a focus on delivering exceptional customer service. We achieve this by going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers.

      Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of our industry, delivering the best-of-breed solutions to meet the unique needs of each organisation we work with.

      We’re not afraid to be bold in our approach, using market-leading solutions and services to help organisations disrupt their marketplaces and meet their goals.


      We also recognise that our people are our greatest asset. Our team are chosen for their intelligence, adaptability and – above all – dependability. And as a company, we’re committed to cultivating a culture of learning and development that empowers them to reach their full potential.

      In all that we do, we remain committed to our values, striving to be the best in our industry, as well as making a positive impact on the world around us. We believe that by staying true to this vision, we continue to grow, building lasting relationships with our customers and creating a culture of excellence that sets us apart within all markets that we compete.

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      About Akita
      About Akita

      Our Story

      Akita was born out of a bedroom in Sevenoaks, Kent in 1996. Here, its founders would build box PCs for local businesses just starting to digitise their operations.

      It wasn’t long before those businesses needed ongoing support for those PCs, and Akita would start on its journey to becoming a fully-fledged IT managed service provider.

      Now more than 25 years on, we support the full width of IT systems, communication solutions and connectivity for organisations across London and the South East. Where once we were building them PCs, we’re now delivering them advanced business applications and digital transformation solutions that help them develop and innovate.

      Above all, we remain the same reliable IT partner, maintaining the same values we’ve carried since our inception.

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      Our Values

      At Akita, we’re invested in our customers, invested in our services, and invested in our people – for the long term. But what does this mean?

      We start by employing the right people, from expert and friendly helpdesk engineers to strategic consultants to assist with the development of your systems and processes. We look for those who are both experts in what they do and passionate about doing it.

      We couple the right people with ‘best-in-breed’ IT services – solutions that are proven to deliver great results for organisations. Matched to requirements and budgets, our services are designed to give the best performance and maximise efficiency. With knowledge and solutions that scale to enterprise-level, our customers can rest assured our services will keep pace with their growth.

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      With these fundamentals in place, we’re able to focus on our customers. From the very start of a new IT relationship, we dedicate time to thoroughly understanding their IT systems and processes, as well as business goals. This ensures we’re always aligned with our customers’ aims and able to support them.

      We also provide all customers with an account manager, available to help improve our service delivery, suggest improvements, guide projects, and help tailor our service to meet their needs.

      By combining – and not compromising on – these three areas, Akita is able to work with organisations and build meaningful relationships that last.

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      More Than Just IT Support

      What Sets Us Apart As An IT Leader?

      Long-Term Strategy

      We offer active support in developing your organisation’s IT setup rather than just being there to put out fires. Our IT consultancy gives you an expert view of where to explore next, and we’ll offer future development plans with any of our services.

      Proactive Approach

      Our proactive approach to support means we aim to fix issues before you even notice them. With 24/7 system monitoring, we make sure you have no unwelcome surprises.

      Advanced Service Solutions

      Where many partners’ capabilities stop, ours excel. From advanced cloud tenant management to in-depth security consultancy to CRM and ERP development, you won’t find a limit to our services.

      Account Management

      Our experienced account managers will support all of your needs at Akita. They’ll engage with you through regular calls, site visits and wider communication to ensure you’re happy with our service at all times, as well as to suggest new improvements to keep you ahead of the competition.


      One of the main benefits of our support comes in the form of scalability. You’ll only pay for the precise level of support you require, and this can change at any time, whether you need to scale back or increase your support.

      Microsoft Gold Partner


      At Akita, we are experts in developing solutions that drive digital transformation within organisations. Whether it’s a Microsoft SharePoint implementation for collaborative working or a remote working solution to help your organisation operate from anywhere, our engineers and IT consultants can guide you to the right solutions and help you with hassle-free deployment.

      Working with Akita, you can be sure you’re with the right technology partner. We’re a recognised Microsoft Gold partner, Mac-accredited and a 3CX partner for our VoIP telecoms services.

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