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      Dedicated internet leased line connectivity offering ultrafast broadband and up-and-down bandwidth

      Seamless Connectivity & Reliable Performance With Akita’s Leased Line Services

      In today’s interconnected business landscape, fast, secure and uninterrupted connectivity is essential. That’s where leased line management services come in, offering a solution for seamless communication and robust network performance.

      Leased lines provide dedicated connections, ensuring exclusive bandwidth for businesses to transmit large volumes of data with speed and reliability. With Akita’s leased line management services, the entire process is taken care of, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and support.

      By partnering with IT experts, organisations can experience benefits like increased network capacity, low latency, and enhanced data security. These services streamline installation, monitor network performance, and promptly address any issues, minimising downtime and optimizing productivity.

      Leased line provision can empower businesses with the connectivity they need to thrive, ensuring a reliable and high-performance network infrastructure.

      What Is Leased Line Connectivity?

      A leased line is a permanently connected, dedicated communications line (sometimes referred to as private circuits). Leased line solutions are premium connectivity products, generally using fibre, which offers uncontended, symmetrical speeds (i.e. the same upload and download speeds).

      As lines are not shared, the quality of the line can be assured by the provided, meaning a vastly improved service compared to standard broadband connections. Get a quote on a business leased line today:

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      A dedicated internet line could provide the best solution for your business and make you more productive.

      With the increasing opportunities presented by online services and cloud computing solutions, along with enhanced collaboration and communications platforms designed to make organisations more efficient, businesses can no longer afford to put up with limited internet connectivity.

      With the availability of superfast, and ultrafast, broadband, and the peace of mind of managed, fully guaranteed leased lines, poor broadband speeds need no longer be a consideration for the majority of businesses.

      Fast and reliable Internet speeds are no longer a ‘nice to have’ – they’re a prerequisite for keeping up with competitors. It is not merely a case of realising a competitive advantage by having fast connectivity, but a reality that by not having one, businesses can be left behind. And with the increasing number of businesses using internet lines for VoIP telephony and cloud services, the requirement for reliable broadband is exacerbated.


      Akita knows that an IT setup is only as good as it’s the weakest part, so we make sure that organisations get the best possible connection.That’s why we work with a number of market-leading partners to secure our customers the best lease line solutions.

      This guarantees that the rest of their IT infrastructure can then work at the best possible speed. And if it doesn’t, we can fix that with our data cabling and IT network services.

      The installation of a leased line will typically take three months but can be longer depending on variables such as location and existing infrastructure. Akita will manage the installation process end-to-end, coordinating suppliers and keeping you informed at all stages of installation.

      Once your line is in, we can then configure your IT infrastructure to ensure you’re set up to make the best of your new connectivity.

      Leased Line services london & south East
      Business LEASED LINE SERVICES London & South East

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