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      Professional IT Network Services

      As a leading IT company, we’ve designed and implemented network solutions for hundreds of organisations. As such, we have an excellent track record in delivering reliable, cost-effective IT networks and services that keep organisations running smoothly.

      We have an extensive background in providing solutions for multi-site and multi-platform environments. As a result, we are an ideal partner to design new systems or upgrade an existing network.

      Our experience in WAN solutions includes the design, implementation and maintenance of links right across Europe. We’ve also installed and configured network security solutions, including firewalls and VPNs, for customers with a global presence.

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      Akita offers a complete range of IT network services, including:

      • Installation
      • Hardware
      • Structured data cabling
      • 24/7 monitoring and security
      • Vulnerability scanning & risk detection

      We’ve got over 25 years’ of experience setting up reliable and robust IT networks. We’ve worked across most industries and encountered practically every security and setup requirement. So whatever your needs are, we’ll be happy to help.

      Your IT network infrastructure should not just support your business now: it should be flexible enough to meet your needs for years to come.

      Akita designs its network solutions with this in mind. Because of this, the option to scale up or down your systems in the future is built into the foundations of the network.

      All of our solutions utilise leading-edge technology from major manufacturers, such as CiscoHP and SonicWall.

      Because we use this technology, we can ensure the longevity of our networks.

      And as part of our IT network soluitons, our IT consultants will take the time to understand your needs and design an IT network that truly meets your business aims.

      IT Network Solutions

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      IT Infrastructure Experts

      Network Security Services

      With our dedicated infrastructure team , we ensure our customers’ networks are secure.

      Whether operating cloud infrastructure or an onsite setup, we can deploy measures such as PRTG Monitoring that help you stay ahead of threats.

      Our expert consultants can also assess and scan existing networks to detect where security gaps might exist, and assist in their removal.

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      Wireless Network Services

      What type of network is right for your organisation?

      Alongside traditional wired networks, Akita’s expert project teams also undertake a wide range of wireless network projects.

      Tailored to an organisation’s needs, our wireless networks ensure complete and seamless connectivity for staff as they move around the premises. Wireless networks can also be partitioned to ensure that only certain groups of users gain access to areas of a network. This solution is particularly relevant in the education sector.

      We undertake all aspects of design, installation and provisioning for wireless networks.

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