24/7 IT support and extended hours IT support

      24/7 IT SUPPORT

      Our out-of-hours and 24-hour emergency IT support services are there for when you need them

      Continuous IT SUPPORT Without Compromise

      Our round-the-clock support looks after the needs of organisations with extended operating hours, as well as organisations with international operations.

      By partnering with Akita, you can be assured that any IT-related issues requiring immediate attention are dealt with quickly and effectively by our team of on-call engineers.

      At Akita, we appreciate that maintaining system uptime and continuity of IT services is critical in the smooth running of your organisation.  To ensure this is the case, our professional and friendly team are on hand to provide a speedy resolution when needed.

      So with Akita, you’ll be able to get the same great service at 1am as 1pm.

      Making 24/7 IT Support Work For You

      See how cost-efficient round the clock IT support can be for your organisation:
      Out-of-hours IT Support

      Extended Hours IT Support

      While our round-the-clock IT support service is popular with international organisations, some businesses simply require extended support hours to support early or late working.

      Our out-of-hours IT support ensures that any issues requiring assistance are dealt with quickly and efficiently, keeping your staff working and your business operating around the clock. So if your operating hours are (for example) 7am until 9pm, Akita can still provide cost-effective IT support outside of ‘normal’ office hours. This ensures that your users can get the help they need when they need it.

      Plus, by operating outside of core working hours, Akita can also undertake any key IT maintenance tasks for your organisation at a time that won’t interrupt your business.

      our team provides both 24/7 and out of hours IT support


      Some IT companies will use external call centre agencies to handle their out-of-hours and 24 hour IT support. But that’s not the way we see a great service working.

      Call centres typically have limited technical expertise and won’t know customer setups fully. They’ll often rely on online tutorials to address your problems. And if things get too technical the issue has to be abandoned, prolonging your IT problem.

      At Akita, we feel that if you’re paying for IT expertise then you should get it. That’s why our IT support services are only provided by our own trained engineers. They’ll know or have details of your IT systems to hand, so will be able to fix your problems quicker.

      24 7 IT support

      Customer Reviews

      Akita delivers international it support for organsiations that go beyond country boundaries

      Integrated IT Support For International Operations

      Discover an IT support service without boundaries.

      Organisations with UK and international offices value Akita’s round-the-clock IT support service as it allows them to have a single partner for remote IT support all around the world.

      Having one trusted company looking after IT support ensures a consistent approach and is cheaper than employing multiple regional services.

      A single global support partner also prevents divergence in IT policy and processes in regional offices, maintaining a company standard across all operations

      Having IT support 24 7 guarantees excellent customer service. Our team of IT helpdesk engineers work to strict SLA agreements, resolving issues in two hours or less. They are there to offer advice and general ‘how-to’ guidance when needed.

      Our engineers’ expertise and friendly manner are why Akita has received over 200 five-star reviews from our customers. Feel free to read this customer feedback for yourself.


      24/7 IT Support FAQ

      Is 24 Hour IT Support Only Available For Large Organisations?

      Definitely not. Our 24 7 IT support is available for organisations of all sizes (and which is reflected in our costs). We know some industries work outside of the 9am-5pm. Our service ensures that businesses of any size can access reliable round-the-clock IT support.

      What Is The Difference Between 24 7 IT Support And Out-Of-Hours IT Support?

      Good question. Having IT support 24 7 means that IT support is constantly available for an organisation at any time of the day and night. Akita’s out-of-hours IT support refers to the support that extends to cover some non-typical working hours, such as late evenings or early mornings. Out-of-hours IT support can be more cost-effective for organisations that don’t run specifically overnight. Meanwhile, 24 hour IT support is better when an organisation has global or constant operations. We’ll be happy to discuss both.

      How Can I Access Akita’s 24 Hour IT Support When I Need Assistance?

      As part of our 24 hour IT support services, you can email our helpdesk. But for urgent issues, we typically suggest that users call us so that issues can be resolved quickly

      Can I Access Akita’s 24 Hour IT Support Remotely?

      Yes, Akita delivers 24 hour IT support remotely. We’re able to diagnose and resolve over 99% of issues without physically being on-site. This allows for faster response times, efficient troubleshooting, and cost-effective IT services. It also means that we can provide international IT support where it's needed for satellite global offices.

      What Types Of IT Issues Can Be Addressed Through 24 Hour IT Support?

      24 7 IT support can handle pretty much any IT issue that you might experience during the day – so anything from software and hardware troubleshooting, network connectivity problems, system crashes, to cyber security incidents.

      Can Akita’s 24/7 IT Support Service Be Used Alongside An In-House IT Team?

      Yes. If you already have a dedicated in-house IT support team, our 24 7 IT support can complement your existing resources. We can provide to cover off-hours, weekends, holidays, or even act as an overflow if your in-house team becomes overwhelmed.

      Do You Offer Ad Hoc 24/7 IT Support?

      While we may make this arrangement with existing customers, we typically don't provide ad hoc 24 hour IT support.

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      How Our 24/7 Support Works For

      Discover how we support the round-the-clock requirements of a global manufacturer:

      our it services for the public sector

      Why Choose Akita For Your 24/7 IT Support?

      Akita is a leading IT managed service provider and one of few to able to offer 24/7 IT support using our own engineering base.

      Our IT support service is controlled by strict SLAs, ensuring that you’re guaranteed a fast response to tickets raised. And with only a select group of out-of-hours and 24/7 IT support customers, our support at night is typically even faster at night than it is during the day.

      Thanks to our scale and in-house expertise, you’re guaranteed to have expertise on hand when you need it.

      So if you want a provider who delivers continuity of service at all times of day or night, please get in touch:

      Our 24 7 support enables working around the clock
      24 hour it support

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