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      Discover how we maintain a high level of service for our customers.

      Akita is focused on providing excellent customer service. Once working with us, if an issue is not completed satisfactorily or a customer has a concern unrelated to specific issues and wants to make a complaint, Akita asks that they actively raise the concern by calling 0330 058 8000 or emailing

      This is picked up by our administration team and an internal feedback case will be raised. The case is investigated and findings passed to the senior management team. The case stays open until a satisfactory result has been reached and the customer is happy with the outcome. Only when the incident which gave rise to this process is resolved will the feedback case be closed.

      The Operations Director reviews any open and unresolved cases quarterly to make sure there are no trends that may be impacting overall customer satisfaction.

      For more information or to discuss a customer feedback issue, please get in touch.