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      Akita offers a range of business mobile phones and SIMs to meet every requirement.
      Business Mobile iPhone

      One Partner To Manage All Your Communications

      Simplify the supply and management of your organisation’s business mobile phones with market-leading deals on SIMs and handsets from Akita.

      Akita offers SIM-only solutions and phone handset bundles to our current customers at prices that are competitive against the leading suppliers.

      So if you prefer the ease of getting all of your IT and communication services from a single, low-cost supplier please reach out

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      If you have specific requirements for mobile tariffs or devices, please get in touch and we’ll quote you our best possible deal:
      business mobile phones
      business mobile phones

      Up to 20%

      Cheaper than the high street


      Akita has access to all of the latest handsets from leading providers including Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC. So if your boss wants the latest iPhone – or most cost-effective Samsung devices – then that’s not a problem.

      When it comes to mobile phones for the rest of your organisation, you may just need something functional and professional. Akita offers a great range of iOS and Android devices that will meet all your requirements and be affordable for your business.

      And it’s not just mobile phones that we can supply. We can also provide 4G-ready tablets that allow you to perform on-the-go browsing, emailing or presenting. No more carrying that heavy laptop everywhere!


      Managing contracts for multiple business mobile phones on a variety of tariffs and providers can be a headache. It’s often difficult to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

      With SIMs and mobile phones from Akita, you’ll have just one place to go to check on your contracts and find the right deals for new joiners. And because you’re buying from Akita, you’ll get the same five star service that our customers enjoy for their IT support and services.

      *Contracts are only offered to existing customers and are subject to terms & conditions and business checks.
      **Prices subject to usage.


      Simplify the supply and management of your mobile phones with market-leading deals on SIMs and handsets from Akita.

      Competitive pricing

      We rival most leading business mobile phone providers for tariffs and handset prices.


      No more long waits for call centres, receive Akita’s great customer service.

      Easy billing

      Make your mobile billing simpler with one supplier – or combine it with IT support for even greater simplicity.

      business mobile phones

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