transforming business with the power of Microsoft's cloud


      Discover Microsoft’s transformational cloud computing solutions and Akita’s Azure consultancy and services

      Transform Your Business With The Power Of Microsoft’s Cloud

      Akita delivers Microsoft Azure consultancy and solutions for organisations across London and the South East, helping them get the most from the cloud.

      As Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure platform, Azure offers endless potential benefits for hosting and deploying services, as well as managing applications and data.

      As a Microsoft Gold Partner and with a dedicated cloud IT infrastructure team, we’re the ideal partner to help realise your organisation’s Azure requirements.

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      Azure is Microsoft’s range of integrated cloud computing solutions.

      Azure is an expansive cloud platform designed to support the building, deploying, and ongoing management of applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres.

      It provides a wide range of cloud services,  spanning traditional storage and networking to big data and analytics solutions as well as AI and IOT computation.

      Catering for a wide array of business needs, Azure users can readily access services like virtual machines for scalable computing, Azure SQL Database for managed database services, and Azure Active Directory for identity services.

      Azure offers organisations several operational benefits. The flexibility of scaling is central among them, with organisations able to easily adjust resources based on changing demands. This in turn delivers cost-effectiveness, particularly for cloud IT infrastructure at scale.

      Azure also provides high levels of security and compliance, meeting international and industry-specific compliance standards. It’s a trusted platform for enterprises concerned with data security and regulatory compliance. Microsoft’s global network of data centres also ensures reliable performance and faster content delivery.

      However an organisation wishes to use Azure, Akita can support their goals through our consultancy and cloud infrastructure services.


      microsoft azure consultancy london and UK

      Azure cloud service partner 

      Akita’s Microsoft Azure SERVICES

      When it comes to Azure, Akita can be your infrastructure as a service (IaaS) partner. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed cloud service, or prefer a hybrid cloud setup, we can assist with Azure consultancy and a growing range of solutions including:

      • Azure Virtual Networks – Infrastructure run from Microsoft’s highly-reliable global cloud environment
      • Azure Virtual Desktops & Machines – Desktops available from any machine, anywhere
      • Azure Cloud Storage & Backup – Work from and secure your data in the cloud
      • Azure App Development Services – Fulfil your operational requirements with custom applications
      • Azure Database & CDS Services – Supporting backend functionality for proprietary systems

      Alongside these solutions, Akita can provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that Azure environments are configured to deliver maximum benefit.

      With Akita's azure consultancy organisations can do more with the cloud

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      With the breadth of Microsoft Azure solutions and the complexity of their setup, it is easy for organisations to go wrong, and when they do, it can prove costly.

      Akita’s infrastructure consultants can support organisations getting started with Azure services, helping them to choose and configure the right solutions for their requirements.

      For those already established with Azure, we can advise how to optimise their cloud infrastructure for performance and budget, as well as recommend an ongoing development path with Azure services to meet organisational goals.

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      Microsoft Azure Support Service

      Having an Azure cloud environment is one thing. But maintaining and maximising is quite another – particularly with everything else that goes on within an organisation

      Our Azure support plans provide access to technical experts and faster response times to ensure you’re getting the most from the platform.

      Our approach is not just reactive; our proactive care helps to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they impact operations. And with direct access to Microsoft engineers and consultants for out of the normal technical challenges, any issues are addressed quickly.

      With support tailored to an organisation’s needs, Akita’s cloud consultants can provide architectural guidance and operational support to ensure your cloud systems are fully optimised and secure.

      Microsoft Azure Services London, UK

      Why Choose Microsoft Azure?

      Regardless of the size of your organisation, there are a number of key reasons why Microsoft Azure is the perfect choice for your IT infrastructure demands.

      Replaces Or Compliments In-House IT Infrastructure

      Expand or replace your existing infrastructure with the power of Microsoft's cloud

      Ensures Security and Compliance

      Take advantage of 24/7 proactive security monitoring and sophisticated disaster recovery features

      Scalable To Your Changing Needs

      You only pay for what you need, easy scaling means as your business needs change, so does your Azure platform

      Speak To An Azure Expert

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      Microsoft Azure Services FAQs

      How Is Microsoft Azure Priced?

      Azure is priced based on the service you require and the functionality that you wish it to fulfil. This is then delivered as a measured service, with prices increasing/decreasing depending on the variables you select (eg. the amount of data you host, the number of virtual CPUs you require etc.). You can discover more about pricing on Microsoft's website.

      Can You Provide Microsoft Azure Licensing?

      Yes, we can provide all types of Microsoft licensing at the same rate as buying directly from Microsoft.

      Can You Manage An Existing Azure Setup?

      Yes. We'll typically dedicate an onboarding session to understanding how you're currently using Azure and whether you're using the service has been optimised (which is often not the case). We'll then take over the management of your service.

      Is Microsoft Azure GDPR Compliant?

      It can be. We can configure Azure so that data is only held within the UK and ensure that it's not replicated (as part of the backup process) to other Microsoft data centres globally.

      Can You Support Azure For Our Global Operations?

      Yes, we can manage Azure tenants regardless of the global Microsoft data centre that they're hosted in.

      Is Microsoft Azure Cost-Effective?

      Microsoft Azure can support very complex cloud operations. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, it can be very cost-effective. However, it's easy to make costly mistakes with Azure. So if you're not confident with Azure, or don't have the time to effectively manage your environment, it's generally more cost-effective to work with a partner. Akita's experts can also advise if an alternative cloud solution may be more efficient for you.

      Akita is a leading Microsoft partner, with solutions spanning cloud, modern work and business applications

      Azure cloud service partner 

      Partners For Microsoft Cloud Solutions

      For over 25 years, Akita has supported organisations across London and the South East with their Microsoft and cloud services.

      Cloud infrastructure has been core to our offering for many years. As such we have unrivalled in-house expertise in hosted services and support.

      And as Microsoft partners, we’re well versed in Azure and wider Microsoft 365 ecosphere and common places of cross-over, including Dataverse, SharePoint Online and Dynamics 365.

      Start a conversation today about how Akita can assist you with your Azure cloud requirements.

      transforming business with the power of Microsoft's cloud
      microsoft azure consultancy services london & UK

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