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      Cloud hosted desktop solutions for agile business operations.

      Hosted Desktop Services From a Cloud-First IT Company

      Move your organisation’s desktops to the cloud and start benefitting from cost and service benefits

      Akita’s hosted desktop services and support deliver a more secure and flexible approach to day-to-day business computing by moving users to desktops in a cloud environment.

      Accessible anywhere and with performance determined by your cloud setup, a hosted desktop service can do away with the expense and hassle of managing PCs and devices individually.

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      Why Use Hosted Desktop Services?

      A hosted desktop solution allows for the delivery of a consistent and scalable IT experience for all users in an organisation.

      With this solution, users gain access via a desktop icon or link. This then provides them with access to a cloud environment with all the programs, applications and files that they would usually have on their PC.

      Desktop environments can be set to be accessed securely from any device and any location. This makes them a perfect solution for supporting remote working.

      Hosted desktops also work well for businesses with offices spread out geographically, as it allows for the management of all desktops simultaneously from just one location.


      Simple management: A hosted desktop solution allows centralised management of all of an organisation’s desktops. This allows updates and security patches to be deployed to all desktops simultaneously, which saves time on IT administration and maintenance. The hosted environment is also protected from viruses and malware.

      Disaster recovery: Hosted desktops run from Akita’s cloud network provide you with business continuity. So, if your workplace is damaged by fire, flood or similar, your data will be unaffected. This means users can continue working from other locations with minimal disruption.


      Cost savings: A hosted setup introduces significant savings on IT hardware, software and management time/costs.

      It is estimated by analysts that running a hosted desktop setup can reduce the per-user cost of management and support) by as much as 50% per annum.

      This is because the majority of processing occurs in the cloud, meaning organisations need less powerful (and less expensive) workstations without hurting performance. Also, licensing is cheaper for a cloud setup than per device.


      Flexibility: A hosted desktop environment offers flexible access to an organisation’s IT systems. This allows users to work remotely yet collaboratively on documents with other people within an organisation.

      Organisations can also set up remote access to specialist software, such as design or accounting programs, allowing users to work using these solutions anywhere they can get a connection.

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      Hosted Desktop Services With Akita

      Akita can provide a fully managed hosted desktop as a service (DaaS). We can set up your infrastructure to run from your in-house server or from our own secure private cloud environment supported by our data centre presences.

      We’ll also be able to provide any licensing that you require to operate your setup and advise where existing licences can be retired (and savings made).

      Akita can configure security solutions to allow access to hosted desktops from all devices. Our two-factor authentication solution will mean that no unauthorised access can take place.

      Should you wish, our hardware experts can select PCs and laptops for you to use with your setup. We’ll select solutions with the right processing solution, but that won’t cost the earth.

      And with our IT and hosted desktop support, Akita can also manage and maintain your desktop setup for you. With 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed SLAs for support, you’ll always have the support you need.

      Cloud Hosted Desktop Services FAQs

      How Does Hosted Desktop Work?

      Hosted desktop works by creating a remote desktop within a cloud environment. Users then log on to this environment via a web browser (and appropriate security). It then functions the same as their regular desktop.

      What’s The Difference Between Hosted Desktop And Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

      Both hosted desktop and VDI allow users to access their desktops remotely. However, VDI tends to run from a single physical server while hosted desktop runs from a cloud environment typically managed by a partner. The benefit of a hosted desktop service with Akita is that the care for your requirements, rather than you needing to run a server.

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      Are Cloud Hosted Desktop Setups Secure?

      Yes. The key advantage of hosted desktop services is that all information and applications are centrally stored in a cloud environment. This is far easier to protect than managing security on individual machines.
      Access to hosted desktop environments are protected by password and often MFA. They can also be tied to VPN access to prevent unauthorized access to data in transit. And organisations can ensure only recognised IP addresses can access the environment, protecting against
      And with an appropriate backup, there’s also low risk of data loss through hardware failure with a hosted desktop (unlike with PCs).

      What Type Of Computer Do I Need For A Hosted Desktop Solution?

      One of the major benefits of hosted desktops is that processing happens in the cloud. This means that as long as a computer can access a web browser, it can access a fast, high-powered hosted desktop solution. This means organisations can spend less on their PCs and devices and keep them for longer.

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