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      Accredited Cyber Essentials assessor and consultancy for achieving Cyber Essentials Plus, making organisations more secure.

      Demonstrate Security Standards With Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

      Get your organisation accredited for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus – the UK Government-backed IT security scheme.

      With cyber crime one of the leading threats to business, organisations can prove that they take IT security seriously by getting certified.

      Akita is a partner for Cyber Essentials London and South East-based organisations trust. With in-house accredited Cyber Essentials assessors and security consultants, we’ll ensure your systems are prepared and protected.

      And we’ll work with you to achieve your certification as quickly as possible.

      Cyber Essentials Consultancy

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      Cyber Essentials Partner London & UK


      Designed by the UK Government and coordinated by IASME, the scheme offers a standard of proof that a business has the right IT security systems and processes in place.

      The Cyber Essentials accreditation consists of a series of checks and technical controls designed to help protect organisations from cyber-attack.

      Meanwhile Cyber Essentials Plus commits an organisation to more rigorous security testing. This includes an audit of an organisation’s IT setup, alongside penetration testing to assess for gaps in an organisation’s security measures.

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      Cyber Essentials London & UK

      What Does Cyber Essentials Cover?

      Undertaking certification helps organisations prepare and defend against the most common Internet-based threats to cybersecurity. The main protection covered by the scheme is outlined below:


      The exploitation of known vulnerabilities in Internet-connected devices.


      Defrauding users into installing malicious applications or handing over important information.

      Password Attacks

      Manual or automated attempts to gain unauthorised access to online accounts or business data.

      Data Security

      Measures commonly used to gain unauthorised access to data and files

      Network Attacks

      Attempts to disrupt or access your IT network unlawfully

      User Awareness

      Make your users more aware of cyber threats and how they can help you stay secure

      Protect Your Business

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      ~ 80%

      Of cyber threats are protected against with Cyber Essentials measures

      Getting Your Organisation Certified

      Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus Consultancy

      We work with organisations to help them achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

      For Cyber Essentials, we perform initial assessments of IT systems and processes, then report on recommended changes needed to pass (at a separate cost, we can also implement required improvements and changes). Once the required changes are our Cyber Essentials assessor will formally assess your organisation with the aim of an immediate pass.

      Cyber Essentials Plus is more advanced, requiring hands-on technical verification of an organisation’s security. This includes both an assessor audit of systems (typically conducted remotely) and a penetration test of systems to ensure they’re secure.

      We provide Cyber Essential Plus consultancy to prepare organisations for all stages of the accreditation, correcting all measures before external assessment.

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      Cyber Essentials Packages

      The accreditation needs to be renewed annually. So as well as one-off certification, we offer Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus implementation and renewal as managed services.

      As criteria for the accreditation can change, and business IT systems don’t stand still, our managed service protects businesses from discovering that they’re no longer compliant. This removes the last-minute rush and expense of changing systems ahead of an assessment. It also allows businesses the chance to spread costs over the course of a year.

      Our managed service packages are as follows:

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      Cyber Essentials Certification

      • 6-month and 1-month readiness assessment and report
      • Update on policies and procedure documentation
      • Dedicated Cyber essentials certified assessor and consultant
      • Up to £25K cyber essentials insurance

      cyber essentials
      Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

      • Initial scan six weeks before audit
      • Second scan one week before audit
      • Remote audit and Cyber Essentials Plus certification
      • An extra scan three months before reassessment

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      Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

      Combining both the other package, this option provides the most comprehensive preparation for passing both Cyber Essentials andPlus.

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      Case Study

      Discover how we’ve assisted a leading London removals company in achieving certification:

      Cyber Essentials Consultancy London & UK


      Demonstrates commitment to IT security principles – Raising awareness of threats with users, making them less likely to become a victim of cybercrime tactics.

      Recognised across the UK – Cyber Essentials is an IT security standard and benchmark. Organisations that get certified can reassure their customers that data will be safe.

      Required by Government for tenders – Not holding Cyber Essentials can bar organisations from competing for local and national government tenders. A growing number of industries are also moving towards adopting accreditation as a required standard.

      Improved Business Insurance – Having the accreditation can help companies get better business insurance rates. And for those meeting criteria, Cyber Essentials will even provide them with £25,000 in Cyber Liability Insurance.

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      Expert Cyber Essentials Consultancy Partner

      Akita is a leading provider of IT support and managed services across London and the South East.

      As an accredited testing organisation, we can both prepare and certify organisations for Cyber Essentials.

      To complete the certification, our consultants review an organisation’s IT systems and policies in line with the Cyber Essentials standards. We will then produce an assessment, along with any guidance on any changes or improvements required to achieve the certification.

      For our customers, we can then scope, quote and ultimately implement these changes across their organisations.

      We can offer IT security training sessions, helping staff to understand how to stay safe online and when using email.

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