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      Cyber Essentials For Medical Recruitment Company

      Cyber Essentials Accreditation For A Medical Recruitment Company

      Working with one of London’s leading medical recruitment services, Akita provided Cyber Essentials support to help the recruiter achieve the accreditation with ease through consultancy, support and final assessment.

      Achieving The Cyber Essentials Accreditation

      Cyber Essentials is a widely-recognised UK cyber security accreditation. It’s also increasingly a condition of business for certain industry tenders. For the recruitment organisation – looking to work with local and national government and other areas of healthcare – holding Cyber Essentials accreditation was a requirement to be able to supply services.

      Our cyber security consultant started by engaging with stakeholders at the recruiter to understand the company’s current IT setup. These initial consultations were vital for providing an initial overview of current systems and procedures that would need to be assessed, and areas that might require the most attention ahead of certification.

      Following initial consultancy, a security expert attended the recruiter’s location to meet the representatives and carry out the in-depth audit of the measures that would be graded as part of Cyber Essentials.

      As part of the audit, it was ascertained that the company needed to implement a device-locking policy. A joiners/leavers policy and process were also required. And multi-factor authentication also needed to be configured across the whole company to protect SaaS-based systems. Akita was able to assist the recruiter with the implementation of all of these measures.

      Following improvements, our Cyber Essentials assessor was then able to guide the recruitment company through the successful completion of the assessment. Once ratified, we were able to present the organisation with its Cyber Essentials certificate.

      Cyber Essentials Support

      Following certification, we re-engaged with the recruiter to ensure that new security measures and policies had been successfully adopted and that the organisation was clear on how to publicise its certification.

      Following this process, the recruiter had no barriers to becoming a supplier- and is now also well-prepared to mitigate a range of IT security risks.

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