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      Microsoft Intune

      Microsoft’s mobile device management solution for ensuring device security

      Intune Mobile Device Management 

      Safeguard Your Operations With Intune Support & Services

      Microsoft Intune is a powerful mobile device management (MDM) solution designed to safeguard and efficiently manage mobile phones, tablets, and PCs within your organisation. With a focus on security and ease of use, Intune enables businesses to protect their sensitive data while maintaining seamless device functionality.

      Whether you’re concerned about data breaches, regulation compliance, or simply ensuring a secure environment for your workforce, Microsoft Intune provides the peace of mind you need.

      And as a Microsoft partner, Akita can provide implementation assistance and ongoing support to your Intune and wider Microsoft 365 security setup.

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      Microsoft Intune

      Intune Device Management

      Why Use Microsoft Intune

      With so much information now stored and accessed from mobile devices, they are coming under increasing threat from cybercriminals. Despite unmanaged mobile devices representing a huge security risk, many organisations have no comprehension of what devices are accessing key resources such as email and document stores.

      Using Microsoft Intune, any device (including personal devices) that accesses an organisation’s resources can be managed and secured. This means organisations can take control of how their data is accessed. Equally, lost devices no longer pose a GDPR or security risk as information can be wiped from them remotely.

      Microsoft Intune Security

      Features of Microsoft Intune

      • Restricts access so only enrolled and compliant devices can gain access to an organisation’s data sources. Restricted applications
        can include Exchange or Outlook emails, OneDrive for Business documents, SharePoint Online and more.
      • Access and policies can be customised based on user/organisation requirements. Devices can be blocked based on
        location or sign-on type.
      • Encrypts organisational data, but not other information: perfect for users accessing data from their personal devices
      • Organisational data can be wiped remotely from a device at any time without wiping the entire device.
      • Self-service portal can be set up for users to enrol their own devices and install corporate applications across multiple mobile
      • Deploy certificates, WiFi setups, VPN setups and email profiles automatically once a device is enrolled.
      • Facilitates limited-use tablets (designed for specific tasks such as reception sign-ins, product catalogues etc.). In limited-use mode,
        only apps related to a role can be used on the device.
      endpoint manager

      Cloud Security

      Microsoft Endpoint Manager

      Intune is now part of  Microsoft Endpoint Manager – a comprehensive cloud management solution. Endpoint Manager can be used to enforce security across your whole cloud estate, and simplify the provisioning and management of devices connected to your systems.

      Whether your organisation is interested in a complete Endpoint Manager setup or just wants Intune, Akita can manage the deployment, management and ongoing support of your Microsoft security solution.

      microsoft intune mdm
      Microsoft Intune London & UK

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