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IT Support

Akita is a leading provider of IT support and managed services.

We provide IT support to more than 250 organisations located across London and the South, plus their wider satellite locations throughout the UK and internationally.

Whether you are looking for an outsourced IT support company, or technical assistance to supplement existing IT staff, Akita can be an effective and cost-efficient IT partner to your organisation.

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Responsive IT Support

Akita provides 24/7 IT support to its customers, providing them with unlimited access to our responsive IT helpdesk.

Our expert team of IT engineers and consultants provide all levels of IT support: from traditional break/fix support, to answering user questions, to advanced technical assistance with a wide range of IT and communication systems. We have experience of supporting practically every industry, so have a depth of knowledge that covers a huge range of systems, software and processes.

We work to strict support SLA timings, fixing over 99% of issues remotely. For the minority of other issues, our engineers can at your location quickly thanks to our multiple office locations in Kent, London and Surrey.

Our helpdesk also prioritises support based on the severity of issues. So if your IT problem is business-critical, we’ll be sure to help you first.

Proactive IT Support

While we’re great at fixing IT issues, it’s more effective for your organisation if issues don’t happen in the first place. Akita, therefore, embraces a range of proactive support methods.

We provide remote monitoring for core systems and software, checking on the health of your infrastructure. This allows us to detect and prevent significant IT issues from occurring. Monitoring also provides us with an indication of when IT hardware is reaching the end of its life, giving you the time to replace core items such as servers before they fail.

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We also provide dedicated Proactive General Maintenance time to our customers, focused on keeping their IT systems in the best shape. From scheduling updates, so they don’t happen in work hours, to patching systems against the latest threats, our proactive approach helps prevent IT-related business interruption, saving organisations time and keeping them productive.

Why choose Akita?

  • 24/7 IT helpdesk – Access to experienced IT engineers and specialist consultants when your organisation needs it.
  • Proactive IT support – Our proactive general maintenance visits and ongoing monitoring help to prevent IT problems, saving you time and money.
  • Expertise We hold a range of industry-recognised accreditations including Microsoft Gold Partner status, Apple Mac Technician certification, Cyber Essentials, and ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditation.
  • Scalable solutions – Our large team and breadth of experience mean our IT services grow with your business. Your organisation won’t outgrow our capabilities.
  • Excellent customer service – We’re dedicated to keeping our customers happy. Our average customer relationship is over 5 years.
  • Cost-effective – Our IT support service is on average 40% cheaper than in-house support and more efficient due to our scale.

Switching Your Support

Whether you’ve dealt with IT support in-house until now, or you’ve outgrown your existing supplier, we’ll make it as easy as possible to move your support and managed services to Akita. We have experience of working with hundreds of organisations, so know how to make the transition as easy as possible.

We’ll dedicate time to assessing and learning your IT systems, and oversee the migration of licences and administration access to our care. We can even communicate with your other third-party suppliers so they know we’re looking after your IT. So if problems arise on their side, we can manage those as well.

Moving your IT support and services to Akita can work wonders for your business, removing the stress out of your IT. Not only do we have the technical competencies to meet your needs, but we have an extensive track record of customer satisfaction, reflected in the more than 200 five star reviews we’ve received from our customers.

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