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      What is Co-Managed IT Support?

      As organisations grow they need their IT support to grow with and support them. However, it can be difficult to know what level of IT expertise to hire in a time of growth without overhiring and wasting money. Many SMEs are keeping up by using co-managed IT support rather than the far more expensive option of hiring more in-house IT resources. Using co-managed IT support services offers a hybrid option that utilises your in-house team with the additional support of external IT specialists. Work in unison to allow your IT team to focus their energy on tasks that they are equipped for whilst relying on your co-managed IT support partner for anything else.

      About Co-Managed IT Support

      Co-managed IT support is a partnership between an organisation and an external IT service provider, aimed at collaboratively managing the organisation’s IT infrastructure and systems. This arrangement involves the organisation’s internal IT team working alongside the external provider to share responsibilities and capitalise on each other’s expertise.

      Co-managed IT support is typically used by organisations that have an existing internal IT department but require additional resources, specialist knowledge, or extended coverage. By engaging an external service provider, the organisation can leverage their more advanced technical skills, industry experience, and scalability to complement its internal IT capabilities.

      Unlike traditional models where an MSP might take complete control, co-managed IT allows internal teams to retain significant involvement, offering a blend of in-house familiarity with the specialised skills of external professionals​​.

      The responsibilities and scope of co-managed IT support will vary depending on the organisation’s requirements. Common areas where the external provider contributes include supplemental or out-of-standard hours support, project execution, IT consultancy, proactive monitoring, and digital transformation services.

      How Co-Managed IT Differs From Other Models

      Co-managed IT is distinct from other support models in two key areas; flexibility and control. Traditional IT outsourcing can leave organisations feeling disconnected from their technology infrastructure. On the other hand, a fully in-house approach can leave gaps in expertise, or be overly expensive. Co-managed IT strikes a balance between the two, enabling your in-house team to manage day-to-day operations while the external partner is left to provide specialised expertise for strategic projects, complex implementations, and advanced cybersecurity measures​​.

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      Benefits Of Co-Managed IT

      Access To Specialised Expertise: Co-managed IT support means you have skilled IT professionals on your team without having to pay for them full-time. Your in-house team can then collaborate with those experts to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies relating to your business.

      Scalability And Flexibility: Organisations in all industries experience fluctuations in IT demands. Co-managed IT allows for scaling IT resources up or down as needed, without the hassle of recruiting and training additional staff​​.

      Enhanced Cybersecurity: As cyber threats evolve, co-managed IT provides access to advanced cyber security expertise and in-turn solutions. This helps organisations establish robust cybersecurity protocols and ensure compliance with industry regulations​​.

      Cost Optimisation: This approach eliminates significant investments in IT personnel, meaning you can allocate your IT budget more strategically and minimise the financial impact of unexpected IT issues​.

      When To Consider Co-Managed IT Support

      Co-managed IT support isn’t confined to any specific industry or business size; it appeals to all organisations that require its versatility. Below are some general situations where organisations could benefit from co-managed IT support:

      Rapid Business Growth: Companies experiencing fast-paced growth often find their existing IT infrastructure struggles to keep up. Co-managed IT support can provide the necessary scalability and expertise to handle this expansion seamlessly.

      Skill Gaps in IT Teams: Even the most competent IT teams might encounter challenges or technologies beyond their expertise. Co-managed IT support offers access to specialised knowledge, filling these skill gaps without the need for permanent hiring.

      Project-Based Demands: For organisations undertaking significant projects – like digital transformation, cloud migration, or major system upgrades – co-managed IT can offer the additional resources and expertise needed for successful implementation.

      Choosing The Right Co-Managed IT Partner

      The success of a co-managed IT model heavily depends on the MSP you choose. It’s crucial to find a partner whose capabilities, culture, and approach align with your business needs. Look for providers with a track record of responsiveness, robust security measures, industry-specific experience, and a flexible, scalable service offering​​.

      Co-Managed IT Support: Is It For You?

      Co-managed IT support is a great solution for organisations looking to balance their internal IT knowledge with external expertise. By embracing this model, companies can enhance their IT operations, safeguard against evolving cyber threats, and optimise their budgets, all while maintaining a level of control and familiarity with their IT infrastructure.

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