Benefits of IT Outsourcing

      Five Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Support

      Every company takes a different approach to the management of its IT, with outsourced IT a popular approach.

      Whatever size your organisation is, you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing your IT support. Here we have outlined a few of the key arguments:

      More effective budgeting

      One of the main benefits of outsourcing your IT support is that it’s better on your company’s balance sheets. Outsourced IT ensures that you’re reducing the money spent upfront as capital expenditure.  Instead, you’re paying smaller increments as part of your operating expenditure.  Therefore outsourcing IT support allows you to reduce your fixed costs and manage variable costs more effectively.

      Outsourced IT support also means one less wage bill. The average IT manager’s salary is £35,000 a year, plus tax and pension contributions. With outsourced IT you get access to an entire team of experts for around two-thirds of this cost.

      Reduced staff dependence

      IT outsourcing means you’re not reliant on one member of staff for your entire company’s IT setup.

      As well as avoiding the difficulty of hiring in the first place, you then don’t have to worry about staff sick days or holidays – your outsourced IT company will have more than enough people to cover.

      And with outsourced IT support, your business doesn’t face the risk of an IT manager suddenly deciding to leave, potentially leading to business disruption or inability to access systems. Your outsourced IT partner will usually be contractually bound to hand over passwords as and when requested.

      Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Support: Increased agility

      Companies with their own IT department spend a lot of time and resources on keeping their system up to date. In contrast, an outsourced IT company can meet all your needs at once.

      With outsourced IT support, your systems remain under the care of professionals that can assist you 24/7. At the same time, you also get access to an entire team of often separate specialists. They can be looking at ways to expand or update your setup, not tied down by the constraints of day-to-day support requirements.

      This ensures your projects are completed faster (and often cheaper), making your organisation more agile.


      With outsourced IT support, you get to choose how you want to run your business. Should you want 24/7 support – or even just IT support when working late – you aren’t limited by an IT manager who only works 9am to 5pm.

      24/7 IT support also means that any other global offices you have can use the same outsourced IT support, saving on IT-related hires for these offices.

      By outsourcing IT support, you also choose the flexibility to grow your business. If you suddenly employ 10 more staff, a scalable outsourced IT company will have no problem in supporting you straight away; an in-house IT manager on the other hand would likely struggle.

      One of the other benefits of IT outsourcing is access to experience. Should you have a specialist IT project you need to undertake (VoIP phone installation, server upgrade, CRM migration etc.) your outsourced IT company can provide you the right people for as long as you need them. That way you can get the expertise you need, but only pay for it while you need it.

      Guaranteed service

      With outsourced IT support, you’re a customer, not a colleague. That means you get contractually-guaranteed response times and proactive service, not a long wait until your IT manager has time for you.

      Outsourced IT also means you get the answers to IT questions that your business may depend on: ‘Is my system secure against ransomware?’ ‘When do my software licenses run out?’ ‘Is my data storage GDPR compliant?’ With outsourced IT support, you get the advice of multiple experts for less than the cost of one in-house IT manager and their limited knowledge.

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