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      Working with leading business internet providers, Akita can coordinate and deliver the best in connectivity solutions for your organisation

      Simplifying Business Internet Solutions For London & The Wider UK

      With the rise of cloud computing services and the increasing opportunities presented by the online world, organisations are more dependent than ever on fast and reliable business internet connections.

      Fast internet connections enable businesses to benefit from Microsoft Team video conferencing,  VoIP telephonycloud computing services and more. In contrast, businesses with a slow Internet connection can find themselves forced onto legacy systems and left behind by their competitors.

      Akita’s business internet services are designed to help organisations get the best possible connectivity for their budget and location. By working with a wide range of suppliers, we can find the right mix of speed and value for your operations.

      And where organisations do invite us to quote, we’re often able to save them hundreds of pounds per year and improve their speed.

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      Getting the right Internet connectivity solution can significantly improve the performance of your computer systems. As well as this, it can also save you money by allowing you to adopt more cost-effective technology solutions. Akita can ensure that your business gets the most robust and appropriate connectivity solution for your business.

      We provide connectivity solutions based on your requirements, desired spend and the available infrastructure.


      Uses copper phone lines to deliver the internet. It’s one of the slowest connections (around 20 Mbps) but is cheaper as a result. Nearly all of the UK is covered by ADSL.

      Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

      Where fast fibre connectivity runs as far as the local communication cabinet, but then over slower copper cabling from there to the premises. Because of this, FTTC can typically deliver speeds of up to 80 Mbps – easily fast enough for the average SME business.

      Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

      Where a fibre connection goes from premises to the exchange. This results in very fast speeds (as much as 1 Gbps) and the ability to upload large files with ease. This typically results in fewer problems as connectivity comes direct from the exchange.

      Leased Line

      If fast speeds and a secure connection are required but fibre is not currently available, a dedicated fibre line can be brought to the premises. This can take upwards of 90 days to arrange and may incur additional costs for the installation but guarantees the very best connectivity (up to 10 Gbps).

      4G / 5G

      The same technology as mobile phone connectivity, 4G provides surprisingly quick speeds (up to 100 Mbps). And with coverage across more than 90% of the UK, it’s perfect for remote locations. It’s also useful for providing short-term internet connection or a backup connection. Plus with emerging 5G infrastructure our same solution can give you lightning-fast connectivity. Please note: This is only available for our supported customers

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      Business Internet Connectivity

      90+ Days

      Potential time to install a new connectivity solution

      business internet Services london & UK


      Akita will not only source your new business internet service – we’ll oversee the connectivity installation process as well.

      Business internet connectivity can take up to three months to be installed and require several site visits. This is potentially a lot of time wasted.

      Having Akita manage this process for you can free up your time to get on with something better. We can also help you to navigate common problems of installation – from issues of access to ensuring the right hardware is in place. Plus if there is a significant delay in getting a new internet connection to you, we can suggest temporary solutions to tide you over.

      Once your connection is ready, Akita can also prepare your IT infrastructure for your new connection ahead of completion, ensuring you’re ready to benefit as soon as it goes live.

      business internet services london & UK

      business internet services London & UK

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      With a more than 25-year history, we’re the strategic IT partner to more than 250 organisations, supporting their growth through scalable IT solutions and insightful consultancy.

      With IT services spanning the full width of organisational requirements, we’re excellently placed to assist organisations with their business internet solutions – both as a standalone solution and as part of wider outsourced IT solutions.

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      business internet connectivity services london & UK
      business internet services london & UK

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