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      Streamline traditional and modern communication methods with your wider business applications and operations.

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      Akita is a partner for all your communication requirements. We deliver phone and messaging solutions that help join internal and external communications.   

      With an in-depth understanding of integrated systems and years of experience managing business correspondence, you can trust Akita to bridge the gap between your IT and communications. 


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      Unified Communications

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      What Is Unified Communications?

      Unified communications refers to an organisations communications being fully integrated with the wider systems in use.

      Integrating systems across the entire organisation encourages higher levels of interaction and breaks down silos between teams. By having shared files, messaging, calling and video conferencing, integrated apps, and more all in one place, users have no barriers to working together from wherever they may be.

      By joining systems, information flows more easily. Saving your users time, and keeping them informed.

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      Creating Your Unified Communications Mix

      Discover solutions that can factor into your unified communications setup: 

      VoIP - 3CX

      VoIP phone systems work via the internet rather than with traditional copper wiring. Everyone needs to move in this direction eventually as the old technology is becoming outdated and BT is even shutting down their phone line by 2025.

      Hosted VoIP

      Hosted VoIP phone systems provide all the benefits of an in-house VoIP system without the infrastructure to worry about. This will all be stored in our dedicated cloud environment to increase security and improve flexibility.

      Microsoft Teams

      Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we communicate within business in the last decade and flourished during the period of the pandemic where it saved our communications when forced to work from home.

      Microsoft Teams Calling

      If your organisation uses or is planning to use Microsoft Teams to cover processes such as internal communications, you may be interested to know that Teams can actually replace your entire phone system (both PTSN and ISDN).

      Government Organisation

      Case Study

      See below an example of where we implemented Microsoft Teams Calling for a waste management company.

      What To Consider

      What Are The Benefits Of Unified Communications? 


      Colleagues can work together from wherever they are on shared files. Team chats also make group collaboration easier with the addition of features such as screen sharing.


      Costs can be reduced by physical features such as video conferencing saving money on traveling costs. As well as this, having all processes covered in one place is likely to be cheaper than having different providers for each as it removes any overlap in service.


      Performance can be drastically improved by keeping remote staff engaged through consistent and effortless communication. This also means that teams can take and receive external calls from anywhere – moving away from traditional office phones.

      User Experience

      UX is an integral part of employee satisfaction and can be the difference between a happy and engaged workforce, and a demotivated one.

      sharepoint extranets and portals

      Enhancing Internal Communication

      SharePoint Online Solutions

      SharePoint is classically known for its file storage and collaboration capabilities. But it can also be a focal point for your organisation’s communications.  

      From intranets to communication sites and even project management solutions, SharePoint can support your wider communication objectives.  

      And it can be an intrinsic part of your unified communication setup: Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint for storage and group configuration.

      So if youre using one without the other there could be a whole host of benefits your missing out on. 


      Unified Communications Experts

      Integrated Systems With Akita

      Akita is a leading provider of unified communications services. With 25 years experience in the IT industry, you can trust us to recommend the best options for your specific situation.

      Akita is both a Microsoft Gold partner and a 3CX Gold partner. These certifications give proof of our knowledge and expertise surrounding all areas of a unified communications setup and means we are the perfect partner to trust.

      Our specialised consultants will not only support in setting up your systems but will also manage any training you may need concerning the software. On top of this, they’ll also be there to back up as ongoing support for any issues you may run into in the future.

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