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      IT Infrastructure Services


      Server installation, server migration and ongoing server maintenance from a professional IT partner

      Professional Business Server Installation & Care

      Akita is an expert in managing and supporting IT infrastructure. With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of server installation, migration, upgrade and care. This means we work across all hardware and software platforms and provide physical or cloud server solutions for organisations of all sizes.

      With a skilled team of installers and a dedicated team for server monitoring, Akita is the ideal partner for your server requirements.

      Server Monitoring Solutions London and wider UK
      IT Infrastructure Services


      Akita provide support for every stage of a new server installation. Based on your requirements, we’re able to plan the right hardware and software for you.

      Because of this, every solution is carefully planned to meet your needs, timescales and budget. And with every project, we take the time to ensure that it works correctly for your business straight away.

      server migration and dedicated server hosting
      IT Infrastructure Support


      Akita is the ideal partner to maintain your servers. Our qualified and dedicated infrastructure team monitor our customers’ servers 24/7. This means we can identify issues before they become big problems.

      We regularly undertake server patching and security checks, meaning your server is up to date and protected against the latest threats.

      Akita’s server support aims to eliminate business downtime caused by IT infrastructure. So if work needs to be done, we’ll complete this at a time that least impacts your organisation.

      And for added peace of mind, we can even undertake penetration and vulnerability testing to check the resilience of your setup.

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      IT Infrastructure Services


      Your server migration is in safe hands with Akita. We’ll guarantee the consultancy and expertise to get the most from your migration.

      Whether you’re changing to more powerful hardware or looking to switch over to a hosted server solution, our highly-experienced projects team can oversee all elements of migration. From strategising file migration to sourcing necessary hardware and licensing, our experts will make sure the job is done right. For example, they can even work out of hours or over weekends to eliminate disruption to your business.

      Data Replication Cloud Backup from disaster recovery
      IT Infrastructure Support


      Safeguard your business data by backing up your server with Akita’s cloud backup service.

      With GDPR and other data protection requirements, data storage and offsite backup has become ever more important. Our technicians can assess, design and implement the right policy for your environment based on hardware backup devices or remote backup.

      With our managed service solution, we’ll even test your backup policy regularly, ensuring your compliance and peace of mind.

      IT Infrastructure Services


      With decades of combined experience of Microsoft Exchange Servers, our technicians can troubleshoot your existing server or help you migrate to Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. This can give users enhanced mobility while providing increased server availability, reliability and security.

      Our experts can also help you with all aspects of support for your server installation, from setting up emails and shared calendars to archiving.

      IT Infrastructure Services


      Akita’s procurement specialists can assist you in acquiring new server hardware, and demystify the process of purchasing IT infrastructure for your organisation.

      Whatever your server or IT infrastructure project, we’ll make sure you get the right IT equipment for your organisation. This includes getting the right software to ensure your server installation runs as efficiently as possible.

      Plus, our team will guide you to a solution that delivers a return on investment over the long term – and won’t be out of date by next year.

      Server Maintenance London & South East

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