Microsoft business central solutions

      Microsoft Business Central Solutions

      Power all of your operations from a single cloud-based ERP platform

      Microsoft’s ERP Solution For Finance & Operations Management Software

      Business Central is Microsoft’s ERP solution – an application for the end-to-end running and monitoring of your operations.

      From the first enquiry to chasing the invoice for your sale and checking customer satisfaction, all activities are recorded within a single, central and secure system.

      That also means all of your key business data is in one place can also be reported on with ease – saving time and improving business intelligence.

      Work with Akita as a leading Microsoft Business Central provider to transform your operations.

      And with packaged ERP deployment services from just £4,750, transformation maybe cheaper than you think:

      Microsoft ERP Services

      Speak to our Microsoft experts about an ERP solution for your organisation:

      Business Central Functionality

      Discover more about how Microsoft’s ERP solution can manage your business operations:

      Finance & Accounting

      Manage finances and deliver up-to-the-minute P&L data

      Operations Management

      Oversee all areas of operations from a single platform

      Project Management

      Track every aspect of projects from tender to final bill


      Manage contacts and opportunity information in an advanced CRM system


      Smart management for space and resources


      Drive efficient production and prevent shortfall or overstock


      Manage stock and track dispatch from a single platform

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      Packaged ERP Implementation

      Business Central Solutions From £4,750

      We’re here to help small, medium businesses simplify their transition to the cloud with our modern approach to implementing business applications.

      Our Microsoft Dynamics QuickStart packages eliminate all of the implementation stresses of a new CRM or ERP system, and with fixed costs to avoid expensive development surprises.

      If you’re looking to grow and transform your business in today’s highly competitive market, while meeting the ever-evolving demands of your customers, our technologists – combined with our business experts – are here to help at every step of your cloud transformation journey.

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      See The Benefits Or Your Money Back

      We’ve seen how quickly Business Central deployments transform the productivity of accounts departments. So if your organisation doesn’t see improved working within 12 weeks, we’ll refund the cost of your project:
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      Replacement For Sage, Quickbooks & Xero

      Microsoft’s Accounting Solution

      Business Central tackles the pain points of traditional accounting systems like Sage, Xero and QuickBooks:

      • Replacing underperforming accounting solutions
      • Aligning disparate business systems
      • Reducing manual processes
      • Simplifying financial reporting
      • Offering a secure, cloud-based system

      Placing finance at the core of your operations, our QuickStart BC packages can connect all of your operation teams with a single, intelligent, business management solution.

      See how Business Central compares to common accounts packages:


      Arrange A Demonstration

      To arrange a demo of a Microsoft ERP system, book a session with our Intelligent Solutions team:

      About Business Central

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      Microsoft business central ERP
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      Management of your operations

      Microsoft ERP Solution

      Why Choose Business Central?

      Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect solution for SME organisations looking to supercharge their operations.

      Used by thousands of companies ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level, it is designed to support growth at all points of a business’s lifecycle. Moreover, you can be sure it will continue to scale at any level of success you might enjoy.

      And unlike the previous generation of ERP systems, Business Central comes ready out of the box with all the best practice processes for your operations, meaning there’s minimal need for expensive customisation from the start.

      To discover the full potential of a Microsoft ERP system for your operations, please watch our demo:

      quickbooks to business central migration
      Business Central Implementation

      Quickbooks to Business Central Migration

      Discover how we assisted a specialist in medical instruments to migrate from Quickbooks to Business Central and improve their finance and inventory management:

      Microsoft ERP Solutions

      Business Central Support Services

      As well as development, we can provide full Business Central support for your ERP solution.

      Our managed support packages provide time can be used for support, consultancy, change requests and training as you require them. And with support covered by a contractual SLA response time, you’ll be sure to get your issue solved fast. See more about our support packages:

      Break Fix Support - SLA Backed1 hour / month2 hours / month4 hours / monthXX hours / month
      Discounted Day RateN/A 5% 10% XX%
      Process & System ReviewAnnualBi-Annual Quarterly TBC
      Pricing£130 / month £260 / month £520 / month £POA / month

        Break Fix Support - SLA Backed

        BRONZE - 1-3 USERS

        1 hour / month

        SILVER - 1-10 USERS

        2 hours / month

        GOLD - 11-20 USERS

        4 hours / month

        CUSTOM - 20+ USERS

        XX hours / month


        Discounted Day Rate

        BRONZE - 1-3 USERS


        SILVER - 1-10 USERS


        GOLD - 11-20 USERS


        CUSTOM - 20+ USERS



        Process & System Review

        BRONZE - 1-3 USERS


        SILVER - 1-10 USERS


        GOLD - 11-20 USERS


        CUSTOM - 20+ USERS




        BRONZE - 1-3 USERS

        £130 / month

        SILVER - 1-10 USERS

        £260 / month

        GOLD - 11-20 USERS

        £520 / month

        CUSTOM - 20+ USERS

        £POA / month

      Business Central Licencing

      Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials

      £63.36 per user per month/

      Provides a wide range of operational and management capabilities including:

      • Financial Management
      • Human Resources Management
      • AI-Supported Forecasting
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Project Management
      • Supply Chain Management
      • E-Services
      • Warehouse Management and Inventory

      Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Members

      From £7.20 per user per month.

      Grants limited access to Business Central for light use requirements. Allows users to:

      • Read data within Business Central
      • Update existing data and entries, such as previously created customer, vendor, or item records.
      • Approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to that user (approvals and rejections only in records that Team Members can access).
      • Create, edit, and delete a sales or purchase quote
      • Create, edit, and delete personal information
      • Edit job time sheets for approval
      • Use the Dynamics 365 Power Apps/Power Automate
      • Team Members application module may be customized with maximum 15 additional

      Business Central Nonprofit Licensing

      Discounted rates for charity and nonprofit organisations. Available on request:

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      Microsoft Experts

      Experienced Business Central Providers

      Akita is a leading Microsoft Business Central solutions provider. We develop Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions through our focused business applications division.

      With over 20 years of experience in digital success solutions, they design, develop and support business intelligence technologies for organisations across the UK and internationally.

      And as an expert Business Central provider, we have an expert team of consultants and developers who can guide you through all of the capabilities of a Microsoft ERP deployment.

      Discuss more about our Business Central solutions with one our Microsoft experts today:

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