digital transformation consultancy services

      Digital Transformation Consultancy

      Tools, intelligence and insight to help your organisation achieve more

      digital transformation consultancy services

      Delivering Business Transformation

      Akita’s digital transformation consultancy services help organisations to grow by equipping them with the tools and strategies required for operational excellence.

      For more than 25 years, we’ve supported organisations to shape their IT and business systems to increase efficiency and profitability.

      But digital transformation is not just about systems and tools.

      Our experience working with organisations of all sizes, and in practically every industry, allows us to guide teams through the best practice, regulatory and procedural changes required to ensure the digital transformation is successful and adopted across an organisation.

      Digital Transformation Consultancy

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      What’s The Value Of Digital Transformation Consultancy?

      In an increasingly complex and evolving market, every organisation is looking to stand out and grow their reach.

      Innovation is a proven driver of growth, however, the more established an organisation is, the harder it can be to be innovative. Renowned computer scientist Grace Hopper once said, “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is ‘we have always done it this way’.” But when a process is already working, it’s hard to argue it can be done in a better way.

      Therefore, our digital transformation consultancy provides an independent overview of your organisation and its pain points. After this review, we can then use our business process knowledge and digital expertise to explain what initiatives can benefit your organisation and the sort of results you can expect.

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      How We Deliver Digital Transformation


      Show how you can better understand your organisation, utilising tools such as Microsoft Power BI to drive decision making.


      Demonstrate how leaders can manage and oversee operations and understand where business automation can be of benefit.


      Guide your organisation on how to unify processes across your organisation and boost collaboration by breaking down silos.


      Suggest solutions that can help identify, engage and win more customers and businesses in challenging market conditions.


      Uncover where smart solutions can help support your customers more effectively at scale as your organisation grows.

      digital transformation consultancy
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      Helping Businesses To Stand Out

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      Business IT & Technology Strategy

      Digital transformation is not just about adopting new technology solutions. Your organisation’s culture is part of this transformation and therefore, it needs to have a proper strategy behind it.

      Whether it’s being delivered as a ‘top down’ initiative, or being driven from middle management, our digital transformation consultancy services helps you craft your business and strategy case to best inform all of the relevant stakeholders. This includes risk assessments of the recommended solutions as well as the potential return on investment.

      Communication is key to driving change and ensuring user adoption. For this reason, we can also deliver a virtual CTO service, designed to shape the ongoing direction of technology growth within your organisation.


      Digital Transformation Services With Akita

      How We Differ From Other Consultants

      We’re experts in more than 40 areas of technology and service. We even operate a dedicated business application division.

      But at Akita, you’ll find that we approach our customers’ issues with an open mind – rather than having a suggested solution already in place.

      Some of the technologies we’ve seen the most benefit from have the smallest price tags. So when we learn how your business operates, and what its pain points are, we’ll suggest solutions that are right for your specific needs.

      Our digital transformation consultants are experts in business best practices. Therefore, if we find that your objectives can be met through processes – rather than technology, that’s what they’ll recommend.

      digital transformation consultancy services
      Digital Transformation Consultancy UK

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