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      Business Wi-Fi Installation Services

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      Professional Installation & Management Of Business Wi-Fi Solutions

      Our dedicated project team are experts in delivering business Wi-Fi installation services. Working across London and the South East, we ensure that organisations have effective access to the internet throughout their premises.

      Wi-Fi networks offer more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient connectivity than cabling. So whether you’re operating from offices, a warehouse, or hotel and leisure facilities, our expert team of engineers will ensure you get maximum reach from your Wi-Fi setup.

      We can also arrange to segregate Wi-Fi, keeping public-facing networks separate from backend systems for added security.

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      Experts In Business Connectivity

      Business Wi-Fi Installations & Surveys

      Our Wi-Fi installations typically begin with a survey. This is key to establishing the most effective way to install a network and removes the risk of unexpected costs later.

      The right wireless access point positioning can enable a network to reach up to six times the distance of CAT cables (which go a maximum of 100m). So this can be particularly useful in large premises such as factories and warehouses.

      As part of Akita’s Wi-Fi survey, we’ll assess how best to establish a wireless network throughout your premises, with the minimum amount of cabling and building modification. We’ll also scope, source and install all required hardware for the project.

      Once the installation is complete, we can configure your setup as per your requirements, keeping the security of your network front of mind at all times.

      Business Wi-Fi Installation Services

      Business Wi-Fi Network Extension

      Using the principles of our Wi-Fi survey, we can also help organisations to get more out of their existing Wi-Fi installations.

      We can determine where extenders can eliminate signal dead spots, or if there are ways to overcome limitations on the number of devices that connect to your network.

      Should your issues relate to the speed and bandwidth of your connectivity solution, we can also investigate and coordinate the installation of a new internet line or solution as desired.

      business wi-fi installation
      Business Wi-Fi Installation Services London & UK

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