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      Akita’s professional management of office moves and re-setup and relocation of IT networks and hardware

      Professional IT Management Of Your Relocation

      Moving premises is a daunting project. Knowing that your IT systems will be safely relocated – and installed in a working condition at your new premises – takes much of the pressure off. And that’s where Akita’s office IT relocation services come in.

      We bring more than heavy lifting to a move. Our IT experts are experienced in the intricacies of moving sensitive IT equipment, ensuring a smooth transition while minimising disruptions to your operations.

      Based on your setup they can devise a comprehensive migration plan, and execute it with meticulous care.

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      Expert IT Partner For Your Move

      Akita is highly experienced in managing the IT side of office relocation. From our locations in KentLondon and Surrey, our engineers have helped organisations to move between offices, cities and even countries.

      So if you choose Akita, you can be sure your experience will be a smooth one. And to show we know our stuff, read our guide to office moves.

      We can match our office IT relocation services to your requirements. So you can ask us to just relocate your IT equipment and infrastructure. Alternatively, you can entrust the entire project planning, execution and IT setup of your new office to us – whatever works best for your organisation.


      Select from our services to create a solution that’s right for your organization:

      Project Management

      Project management of your move.

      Packaging & Transportation

      Logical packing of your computers and hardware for fast deployment the other end.

      Deactivating Servers

      Methodical server and IT infrastructure deactivation, with careful re-configuration them in your new premises.

      Data Cabling

      Assessing the cabling for your new premises meets your needs- and improving it if not.


      Supplying connectivity for your office.

      Temporary Internet Connections

      Temporary internet connection if your leased line is not immediately available.

      4G Internet Connections

      Backup internet connection.

      Penetration & Vulnerability Scanning

      Penetration & Vulnerability Scanning (advised following a move).

      Whatever you choose, you’ll be in safe hands. Our IT relocation services will ensure your experience is hassle-free. To demonstrate this, read our customer reviews for proof of the quality of our service.

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      Should you predict any teething problems in your new location, our engineers can be on-hand the first day into your new premises to ensure serversnetworkshardware or VoIP phone systems are back up and running smoothly.

      An office move is also the perfect time to consider your IT support. As we’ll have got familiar with your IT setup as part of the move, we’ll be happy to provide a quote should you require it.

      Benefits Of Using An IT Specialist For Relocation

      Expertise: IT specialists have the technical knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of office relocation. They know best practice ahead of, during and after a move.

      Minimise Downtime: Proper planning and execution by Akita’s experts help minimise downtime during the relocation process, ensuring that employees can get working as quickly as possible.

      Managing Connectivity: Arriving ar premises with no internet connection is a common problem. Our experts will build this into their plans, assisting you in sourcing connectivity. If your chosen internet solution isn’t going to be ready in time, we have temporary solutions they can draw on.

      Equipment Care: Our IT specialists are well-versed in handling sensitive and expensive equipment. They know the correct order to power down servers and how to avoid damage.

      Network Infrastructure Setup: Our experts understand network infrastructure and can help setup your new office or premises, placing and coordinating cabling, routers, switches, and Wi-Fi access points for maximum utility.

      Seamless Communication: Akita can oversee the deployment of communication, such as phones and video conferencing tools, to ensure uninterrupted communication channels.

      Scalability & Planning: Our IT specialists can assess the new office space for future growth and plan for scalability, ensuring that the IT infrastructure and setup can accommodate your success.

      Technical Support: We can provide on-site technical support during the transition, assisting employees with any issues that may arise after a move.

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