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      Cyber Security Training Services

      IT security-focused user awareness training for organisations across London & South East

      Reduce Threats With User Awareness Training For £3 Per User Per Month

      Take a proactive approach to cyber security training with attack simulation and user awareness training from Akita.

      Better than stale seminars, our cyber security training embraces a proactive approach that tests unsuspecting users during their working hours. We then provide interactive online training to ensure that lessons are learned about cyber risks.

      Plus, our training service is designed to run multiple times through a year, ensuring continued vigilance against cyber threats within your organisation.

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      Improving Awareness Through Continuous Cyber Security Training

      Cyber security training is vitally important in a professional environment. But we appreciate most organisations don’t have the time for teams to sit through afternoons of training.

      Our approach is more practical. Coordinating with your in-house IT team or senior leadership, we will run an AI-crafted phishing attack simulation for your unsuspecting user base, identifying those who would otherwise interact with potentially dangerous email or online content.

      Cyber security awareness training

      Leadership can then choose whether everyone or only those who fail the attack simulation move on to training.

      Our security-focused user awareness training is then delivered as an interactive online security course that the users must complete correctly to pass.

      By conducting cyber security training as an interactive online course (rather than a seated training session) our training guarantees the attention of those being trained and practically tests them.

      Further attack simulation can then be scheduled later in the year to check that knowledge has been retained and that users are threat aware.

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      Why Undertake Cyber Security Training?

      Regulatory & Insurance Requirements

      Many industries have regulatory requirements that organisations need to comply with. Others are obligated to prove their cyber security measures as part of their business insurance. Evidence of an organisation's IT security training programme can help support both – plus will look attractive to new customers/partners.

      Increase User Threat Awareness

      According to the World Economic Forum, 95% of cyber security issues result from human error. Cyber security training around common tactics and scams can introduce a culture of awareness and radically reduce security risk within your organisation.

      Safeguarding Revenue

      Cyber attacks often target finance functions. When successful it can lead to loss of revenue as well as reputational damage for the organisation. Training can help prevent such incidents by publicising the most commonly used tactics, such as fake invoices or spoof payment websites.

      Protecting Personal Information:

      Personal information is of increasing value in cyber attacks. Even accidental communication of such information is a violation of GDPR and can therefore be detrimental to an organisation’s trading position. Security training explains the risks of communicating personal data and helps to ensure security protocols are always followed.

      User awareness testing
      Our Work

      User Awareness Training Case Study

      We engaged a specialist London company involved in regulating financial partnerships and provided enhanced user awareness testing and cyber security training to bolster their overall security posture.
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      Cyber Security Experts London & UK

      About Akita

      Akita is one of the leading cyber security consultancies in London and the South East. We’ve supported hundreds of organisations spanning practically every industry with their cyber security requirements. As such, we’re adept at delivering solutions to meet your requirements and risk profile.

      With experts in network security, threat assessment and security policies, as well as in-house Cyber Essentials assessors, we offer the complete spectrum of cyber security consultancy services that a medium or large organisation might require.

      Plus we have scalable IT support capabilities to meet your organisation’s wider IT needs.


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      cyber security training london
      Cyber Security Training London & UK

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