Microsoft Defender For Business

      Microsoft Defender For Business

      Discover the innovative features of Microsoft’s advanced antivirus and endpoint protection software

      Deployment & Management Of Microsoft’s Advanced Antivirus Solution

      Microsoft Defender for Business is the next step in innovative antivirus protection software. Microsoft Defender was once known as the free antivirus protection software that came as standard with all windows devices. This software was basic, and simply protected against general malware and virus attacks.

      The new and improved software is now an advanced solution, incorporating a new way of working. And its available with some common Microsoft business licences.

      Microsoft Defender For Business

      The software differs from traditional antivirus solutions in that it doesn’t come with an interface for users to be able to identify threats and run scans.

      Instead, Defender for Business is fully admin-based. The software runs continuously, constantly scanning for malicious programs and updating your admin with detailed reports.

      Remove all user responsibility, and allow your cyber security to be cared for in the background whilst your staff focus on pressing business matters.

      Improve Your IT Security With Defender For Business

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      Microsoft Defender For Business

      Risk Landscape

      The Increased Risk Of Cyber Attacks

      In the last few years, the way we operate has been forcefully changed, and we in turn have had to quickly adapt.

      The pandemic saw a large percentage of the population working from home, and as a result of our adaptability, many companies have uncovered strategic benefits to hybrid and remote working, deciding to continue for certain staff.

      This change did however increase our vulnerability to cyber attacks, due to employees working from personal devices, working away from IT support, and having less general support from home. As a result, we have seen a 300% increase in ransomware attacks alone in the last year.

      Microsoft has identified a difference in cyber-attacks recently, noticing that they no longer discriminate against company size. This means any and every organisation is now at equal risk, irrespective of how ‘valuable’ their data is.

      Microsoft Defender has been specifically created to combat these issues through automated functions that instantly raise defenses against threats.

      See Microsoft’s video below for more info.

      Defender for business

      Microsoft antivirus software for business

      Key Features Of Microsoft Defender For Business

      Microsoft Defender for business
      Automated Investigation And Remediation

      AIR capabilities are designed to examine alerts and take immediate action to resolve breaches. This is intended to reduce the volume of alerts sent to admin, allowing them to spend more time focusing on sophisticated threats and other high-value initiatives. All remediation actions are recorded and tracked in the action center for users to understand exactly what happened and how it’s been fixed.

      Microsoft defender for business
      Next-Generation Protection

      Next-Generation Protection consists of behavior-based, heuristic, and real-time antivirus protection, which includes 'always-on scanning' using file and process behavior monitoring and other heuristics. Cloud-delivered protection, which includes near-instant detection and blocking of new and emerging threats, as well as the ability to detect and block apps that are deemed unsafe but might not be detected as malware.

      Microsoft Defender for business
      Threat Intelligence And Analytics

      Microsoft describes this as a direct pipeline from their research team to your organisation – Your admin will receive reports of threats, analyst reports, and detailed diagrams of how viruses work and where they tried to enter your system. Additionally, your admin will receive recommendations on how you can improve general business practices to protect against this threat in your specific environment.

      Microsoft Defender For Business

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      Benefits Of Defender For Business

      Microsoft Defender for Business’s main selling point is automation, and features such as ‘automated incident response’ are what sets it apart from the crowd.

      By constantly scanning, this feature identifies what malicious program has been detected and deals with it automatically, taking all measures needed to keep the device safe.

      This is especially useful as recently we’ve been finding that cyber attacks are more commonly taking effect outside of working hours (often between 2AM and 8AM), in the hope that there will be no one around to address the issue.

      Microsoft will instantly send a report telling admin where and when this virus tried to enter, what it’s done to deal with the issue as well as suggesting methods for improving security in this area.

      Simplifying Antivirus Software

      Discover Your Microsoft Secure Score

       Microsoft Secure Score provides organisations with an assessment of their security. Based on data from all devices set up on a network, it can inform an organisation of its overall security ‘score’, pointing out critical areas of weakness and suggesting general areas for improvement.


      Overview Of Your Security

      See how well your network is performing against cyber threats.

      Improvement Actions

      A detailed list of how your organisation can better protect its IT


      Track ongoing improvements and developing risks

      Advanced Endpoint Protection

      Why Use Microsoft Defender For Business?

      Defender for Business delivers IT managers and admins with all the necessary tools needed to run your antivirus and wider security protection software, without the need to check in with individual users and their machines.

      Dissimilar to its competitors, Microsoft Defender for Business won’t constantly alert the user, asking them to do manual scans, and confusing them with complex virus names. Instead, admin are provided with useful tools such as:


      Defender for business
      • The ability to run deeper manual scans
      • Collecting investigation packages
      • Restricting app execution
      • Initiating automatic investigations
      • Initiating live response actions
      • Fully isolating a device
      • Access to case-specific Microsoft articles            (Gold dust in the world of cyber security – constantly updated articles addressing every virus or malicious program that we may encounter)

      Microsoft Defender For Business Pricing

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