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      Discover strategic IT guidance delivered by a team of seasoned IT consultants and specialists.

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      Strategic Business IT Consultancy Partner

      For more than 25 years, our IT consultants have provided guidance and assistance to organisations of all sizes in practically every industry, including multi-national organisations and the government.

      Our expertise spans all areas of technology you’d associate with business growth, with particular specialisms in cyber security, infrastructure, Microsoft business applications and digital transformation strategies.

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      IT Consultants London & UK

      Strategic IT Consultancy Services

      Discover some of the requirements that Akita’s IT consultants regularly assist with:

      IT Infrastructure Consultancy

      Whether physical, virtual or hybrid, we offer guidance on network and infrastructure development, focusing on resilience and growth in all that we do

      Cloud Adoption & Expansion Consultancy

      Expert advice on migrating systems to the cloud, or expanding hosted tenants in enterprise cloud environments such as Azure, AWS and Google

      Cyber Security Consultancy

      Expert consultancy covering all areas of IT security from systems to policies, including business continuity planning and assistance with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials

      Digital Transformation Consultancy

      Assessment of organisational processes and how technologies can drive new efficiencies

      Data Management & Security Consultancy

      Advice on best practice data management in line with access, security and regulations

      Hardware Management

      Strategies for hardware management and replacement, including remote use solutions

      IT Consultants London & UK

      Benefits Of Akita’s IT Consultancy Services

      High-performing IT is central to business operations and can play a pivotal part in growth. So ensuring that the technologies you embrace align with your business goals is critical.

      Not every organisation will have the knowledge or in-house expertise of the system it needs to implement at points of growth. Nor will there necessarily have the knowledge of how to optimise technology investments for maximised performance.

      Our IT consultancy is designed to fulfil this requirement at a lower cost point than hiring multiple specialists, saving organisations money both by advising how to use IT systems to their full potential, as well as by recommending new implementations to improve operations.

      The benefits of our consultancy approach include:

      IT Consultancy Services London & UK
      • Expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs
      • Improved efficiency and productivity
      • Access to the latest technology and industry best practices
      • Cost savings through optimisation of existing systems
      • Avoidance of costly implementation mistakes
      • Help with compliance and security measures
      • Improved decision-making through specialist data analysis and insights
      • Strategy built into our IT support service
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      IT Strategy For Your Business

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      IT Consultancy

      IT Consultancy In London & Wider UK

      Our Consultancy Approach

      Akita offers formal IT consultancy services tailored to your specific needs. This, and our depth of expertise across a wide range of service areas, makes us the perfect partner for your organisation.

      Our consultants take the time to get a deeper understanding of your organisational goals and objectives in order to best recommend new strategies and improvements.

      Depending on your specific project, they’ll use the relevant software and best practice to find the answers you need.

      They then create a detailed consultancy document to outline their findings and recommendations, highlighting the various advantages and disadvantages of each option.

      Upon your approval, you then also have the option for one of our consultants to project manage the work.

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      Wider IT Consultancy Offering

      Virtual CTO Services

      Our virtual chief technology officer (CTO) service offers strategic guidance for the development of your IT systems and processes.

      Not every organisation has the requirement for a full-time CTO. But there are times when an organisation can find value in ad hoc or temporary IT strategic guidance. And this is where a virtual CTO can be of benefit.

      From how to scale your infrastructure to respond to a growing business, to establishing a secure setup and policy for remote working, or assessing whether a software investment can deliver long-term ROI, our consultants can deliver the support you need. Our virtual CTO services can also help to upskill your business leaders to make more informed decisions around IT.

      Cyber Security Consultancy London & UK

      IT consultants London & UK

      Cyber Security Consultancy

      With the volume and complexity of cyber attacks constantly increasing, it’s important to be as proactive as possible with your cyber security.

      Our process for cyber security consultancy is linear and gives you a clear view of exactly what we investigate and how to improve your practices accordingly.

      It’s good to follow common best practices, but without advanced tools and knowledge, it would be nearly impossible to accurately identify areas for improvement.

      We run assessments on your systems, devices and even users, to uncover areas that need some help.

      We then produce a report to outline our findings, highlighting areas of severity, and recommend improvements you can make.

      Wider IT Consultancy Offering

       IT Project Consultancy

      Our project management service revolves around a central point of delivering projects on time and within budget. We have a heavily dedicated projects team made up of some of our most senior engineers and technical experts.

      Below are some examples of the projects our team regularly engage with:

      Cyber security consultants

      Security Consultancy

      Data Security Compliance

      GDPR is arguably one of the most important regulations to follow in modern business. Non-compliance could result in hefty penalties of up to 4% of annual turnover or €20 million (whichever is greater).

      Our data security consultancy is structured similarly to our cyber security consultancy. It starts with an audit to uncover areas for improvement. We then present suggestions and recommendations for you to choose from which will improve your security and ensure compliance.

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      IT consultancy London & UK

      Case Studies

      Discover more about how we work with organisations across London and the South East.

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      Akita: Your Strategic IT Partner

      Akita’s experts deliver IT consultancy across the UK for organisations in practically every industry.

      Each consultant is a seasoned IT professional with years of practical experience in IT support. As well as that, each is also an expert in various IT specialisms, ranging from systems such as Microsoft Dynamics to IT securityunified communications or even cabling project management. As Akita offers over 40 separate IT services, we’re sure to have the expertise to meet your needs.

      Our IT consultancy services are also available as part of our IT support service. For each of the more than 250 organisations we support, we provide an initial audit of their systems and processes to shape development plans and help deliver better support. We then continue to deliver IT consultancy services as part of our account management service.

      Organisations look to Akita to be their IT managers. As such, we continue to provide advice and consultancy throughout any customer relationship. This means we are constantly assessing the latest technologies how we can improve business IT systems.

      IT consultancy services

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