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      What Is The Value Of A 24 7 IT Support Service?

      The way that we work has changed. Doing a set amount of hours in the office has been swept aside for the flexibility of remote working, our IT systems haven’t kept up with this. To address this, many organisations are adopting a  24/7 IT support service solution. But what is the business value of having IT support 24 7?

      About 24/7 IT support service

      24/7 IT support service is typical often provided by an external team who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike an in-house IT team, they work beyond standard hours meaning they’re available to support employees at whatever hours they’re working. They can also oversee and undertake the security patching and system improvements in quieter times that might otherwise disrupt your daytime operations.

      Improving security

      The new work-from-home working culture has left companies open to cyber attacks. With 24/7 IT support, users will be able to flag issues quickly and have an experienced team on hand to assess potential threats fast, before they become a bigger problem.

      Availability for all

      A 24/7 IT support service is available for all employees, no matter the time. This is especially valuable for international companies or those who have employees working remotely in different time zones. No user will be left feeling abandoned. Plus, by removing the constraints of supported hours, you promote more flexible working for staff.

      A2 4 7 IT support service is surprisingly affordable

      The cost of having an onsite IT team can be high – from initial hiring and setup costs to keeping them trained. If you want your IT team to be available consistently, then the costs will escalate again. With 24/7 IT support service, your provider will likely be caring for multiple companies so are able to spread these costs.

      Expertise in your area

      With an external support service, who also get expertise in a wide range of IT systems and software, as well as IT issues. This means that as your company grows and changes, your support partner will be able to scale to your requirement,  guiding you on the technology you need and delivering the consultancy to help you avoid potential pitfalls.

      Improving customer experience

      With an IT support team available at all times, there will be reductions in downtime due to IT issues. This results in more productivity from your employees and a better experience for your clients and customers, wherever they are.

      In the modern-day, a 24/7 service is vital for dynamic businesses, and the value continues to grow as we increasingly move into flexible, online working permanently.

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