benefits of a virtual cto service

      Benefits Of A Virtual CTO Service

      Technology is an enabler for most businesses. But organisations without the internal knowledge of what systems they need can find their growth curtailed by outgrowing systems or making bad investments. Virtual CTO services can be an effective way to guide a company through growth from an IT perspective without a permanent hire. We outline more about the role and the benefits of a virtual CTO service below.

      What is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

      In large organisations, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) plays a vital role in strategising all aspects of technology, from the existing hardware and software to potential threats and ongoing development.

      It’s atypical for smaller organisations to have someone filling this role: IT managers may have a handle on the day-to-day or medium-term technology plan, but are unlikely to have experience of all the technologies needed for a long-term growth strategy. Many organisations – notably those experiencing rapid growth – can therefore benefit from virtual CTO guidance to ensure that smart decisions are made around IT investment and development over the long term. Benefits of virtual CTO services include:

      Easy access to the right expertise

      Getting the right advice on growth isn’t necessarily easy. Everyone within your organisation will have their preferences and agendas. And no one in your IT department will likely want to show the limitations of their knowledge, so may bypass the best solution for the one they know.

      Whether you’re seeking a virtual CTO for short-term help develop a certain technology within your company, or to provide a wider assessment of your requirements, a virtual CTO can provide an independent view of what you require in a scalable and adaptive way.

      Cost-effective approach

      A CTO is typically a highly-experienced IT professional with experience in working across multiple companies. And because of this, the many duties they’ll serve within a company and title itself, their salary will likely be substantial.

      For growing companies, this type of executive hire may not be possible or cost-effective (notably if it’s only a few key systems that need looking at). A virtual CTO can fulfil the strategic role as and when you require. This is far more cost-effective, both in terms of salary and delivering benefits as and when you’re ready for it.

      Finger-on-the-pulse knowledge

      It can be all too easy for executive colleagues to become complacent with technology, settling for the status quo and not seeking out new technologies and developments, or implementation strategies.

      A virtual CTO is not stretched thin over many projects, and their role includes staying up-to-date on new developments that might benefit your company, while also being aware of potential downsides and digital threats.

      Given the number of partners they work with, a virtual CTO service is likely to deliver a much wider experience of technologies, industries and project implementations than a full-time CTO.

      Understanding user habits and needs

      Building your technology around your business needs and customer requirements can leave users behind. Your colleagues and employees need technology that works for them so they can be productive and confident. A benefit of a virtual CTO service is an honest assessment of user habits as part of your IT strategy, and whether users have sufficient knowledge of your technologies to get the results you’re looking for.

      Benefits of a virtual CTO service

      Bringing on a virtual CTO could therefore be a boost to your company. Virtual CTO services could be your driver to embrace new technology and ensure that your tech scales with you. It could also be the strategic steer to ensure that growth is controlled and that technology investments are made smartly.

      Akita offers virtual CTO services through our IT consultancy services. Our highly-experienced consultants have the expertise of working with hundreds of companies and scenarios. Additionally, they have the support of a team of solutions specialists who can deliver additional insight and specific advice.

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