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      Norris is a waste management and recycling company that provides skips and waste removal for construction companies and residential customers.

      As a successful business with operations extending across London, Kent and Essex, Norris requires reliable IT support and services to ensure its business operates smoothly. When a former supplier could no longer meet these requirements, the company went to market. As a leading provider of IT and cloud services London organisations rely on, Akita was happy to step in and provide Norris with responsive IT support and cloud computing solutions.

      Cloud Services

      For a flexible and best-value IT solution, Akita has supplied Norris with a cloud computing setup. Our hosted server solution is highly efficient for companies looking for more flexible access to data solutions. Cloud-hosted server solutions are also scalable to the needs of the business, as well as cost-effective, helping organisations to reduce in-house hardware management and maintenance costs.

      For security and improved functionality, we have also provided Norris with a Virtual Desktop setup, protected by anti-virus and Sophos web filtering. With all users working from a cloud-based virtual desktop installation, staff can all gain access to programs and documents with ease.

      The setup also means that Norris only needs to maintain its virtual installation rather than individual machines, meaning any updates only have to be applied once rather than machine by machine.

      Proactive Support

      Naturally, Akita is also able to provide IT support as needed, with remote IT support available from our helpdesk and onsite IT support as required.

      We also deliver proactive general maintenance as a way of actively improving Norrris’ IT setup. By caring for systems, managing hardware and deploying updates, we work to actively reduce IT-related downtime for the organisation.

      We also provide Norris with account management days. This allows for a strategic review of the company’s physical and cloud computing IT setups, helping anticipate and resolve problems before they happen. It also provides the opportunity for Norris to strategise further IT expansion.


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