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      Professional IT support, services and solutions for construction and adjacent industries.


      Akita is a leading IT support partner, working with around 40 organisations in construction, architectural services and building supplies. For our construction industry customers, the reliability of their IT solutions is the key. Whether it’s hardware that is resilient and performs, or IT networks that power your business, we make sure they get what they need.

      The dependability of our IT support is guaranteed by our large and experienced IT helpdesk team. Operating 24/7 they provide fast and effective support to organisations to keep their operations going.

      And alongside our responsive support, our proactive IT support helps to ensure problems don’t arise in the first place. From monitoring servers to deploying security patches out of hours, we actively reduce IT-related downtime, making organisations more efficient and profitable in the process.

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      Outsourced IT For Construction

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      Cloud Services For Construction

      Construction is a mobile industry. Organisations often rely on a single or select few devices or hard drives that carry important information, and without those would come to a standstill.

      Utilising cloud technology is the next step for construction organisations, allowing leaders to access information from anywhere with an internet connection and from any device.

      This added flexibility means that issues are less likely to go unseen or be forgotten, which helps avoid costly delays. It also means that shared documents can be accessed simultaneously, speeding up and simplifying common processes between multiple teams or individuals.

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      Managed IT services for construction


      For an example of how we have supported building waste management company Norris with IT support and services, please click below

      IT support for construction

      Securty Experts

      Cyber Security Services For Construction

      Having robust cyber security measures in place is vital to ensure your organisation complies with industry standards, regulations and insurance policies. A loss or breach of employee or worse; customer data could be detrimental to construction companies either due to immediate financial loss or a damaged reputation throughout the industry.

      We offer a cyber security auditing service to remove the stress of wondering if your organisation is doing everything it should be to stay compliant and give you the guarantee that your operations are protected.

      Additionally, we have in-house Cyber Essentials assessors on hand to assist with certifying organisations for the accreditation. Becoming Cyber Essentials accredited has huge benefits for organisations in the construction industry.

      It gives the competitive edge to help win tenders and is already a requirement to win government contracts.

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      it support for construction

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      IT support for construction


      Working on a new construction site can be difficult when even the basic services, such as an internet connection, aren’t yet in place.

      Akita’s Site In A Box solutions provide those in construction and adjacent industries with everything they need to get connected onsite. Tailored to your specifications, your box will typically include a 4G or 5G router, a hardware switch, wireless and outdoor access points and all the cables you’ll need to get connected. In effect, you’ll have your own site Wi-Fi packaged and ready to go to take with you wherever you need it.

      Our hardware department can even supply you with rugged laptops or tablets designed to take the stress off a site if you anticipate that damage may occur to other hardware you own.

      Better Support For Your Operations

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      Digital Transformation

      Business Applications For Construction

      Not typically understood by those external to construction, but a strong grasp of data, analysis and finance is imperative to organisations’ success. Relevant and accurate data can improve the decision-making process and allow organisations to make the right choices, without wasting time considering options.

      With organised data records, analysis can be pulled for metrics such as project potential. This will help to understand which jobs will be most profitable compared to the time they’ll take and therefore where efforts should be focused.

      Additionally, a robust data record system can cover organisations if disputes occur. They provide a single source of truth to solve almost every type of altercation, whether that be between staff members or between the organisation and external partners.

      CRM for construction

      Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used to manage wide areas of construction, ranging from sales and project oversight to complete finance and CIS management

      SharePoint Online can also be used for many functions, but its document management, digital asset management and human resources capabilities are especially relevant in IT support for construction.

      Meanwhile, tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps can be used to manage and simplify areas of operations such as HSE, site reporting and wider regulatory compliance.

      IT Services For Construction
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      For over 25 years, Akita has provided business IT support for construction firms and wider organisations. Our team of over 50 engineers and consultants now provide IT support to over 250 companies, including a large number of construction firms, architects and building supplies companies.

      At the backbone of our service is our proactive and fast-response IT support offering. Working both remotely and onsite, Akita’s team of experienced support engineers resolve 97% of our customers’ IT problems within two hours. Our IT support is then supplemented by over 50 IT and communication services.

      Our IT expertise and friendly approach have also gained us over 200 five star reviews from our customers.

      IT Services For Construction
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